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I am Cyntra Charlesworth – Stress-Free Lifestyle Blogger

Maintaining a balanced and stress-free life is not always easy.

Finding balance in the hubbub of the big smoke can be hard which is what inspired me to create this website and share with you all my tips to keeping balanced while enjoying all the intricacies that life throws at you.

I have split my principles into the four areas;






Leading a stress-free life is all about balance.

On this page, I will share with you tips to address areas of life where we can make things simpler and alleviate stress.

From dealing with difficult conversations, natural ways to alleviate stress or simple tricks to keeping balanced internally when your external world is stressful, I hope to share with you my simple principles for staying balanced.


We live in a beautiful world that sometimes we don’t get to see enough of. It can be daunting where to start with many options available! It is time to EXPLORE

I love to explore and hope to share all of my favourite spots to encourage you to explore the world around you. Home or away, I will tell you my top spots!

Things to do:

Reviews of restaurants, things to do, places to visit and sights to see.

Brunch, lunch, dinner? I’ve got you covered! I will share reviews of my favourite places to save you the stress of searching yourself.


Make the most of the precious days you have off my using my easy guides to destinations to make your life stress free.

I will always be honest and open with all of my opinions to ensure that when you read a review you are getting the honest information to inform your decisions.


Holistic Nourishment, Nourishing your body should be approached holistically. From delicious recipes, healthy supplements and everything in between – I hope to share my Simple, Quick, Healthy and Delicious recipes for all to enjoy.

Perfect recipes for busy to people to maintain their goals while saving time.


I believe in having a well-rounded diet but sometimes our busy lives get in the way. I have shared my favourite supplements to support a healthy and balanced diet


I don’t follow a particular diet – I eat what feels good for me. Take what you like and if it’s not for you do not worry – variety is the spice of life.



I’ll share my favourite athleisure brands with you. Athleisure is so stylish these days you really can wear it out and about. My favourite are styles you can do your morning yoga session in and head straight to brunch


Work style can be a bit of a minefield. Finding the right combination of style, practicality and presence. I hope my style shares showcase my favourite style tips to make life stress free when getting ready for work.

From hair, beauty, shoes and shirts – keeping my lifestyle stress free is key.


Running from work to play should not mean carrying a constant change of clothes and feeling like a bag lady. I’ll share my little tips for running from work to play with minimal stress and maximum impact!

 Live a Stress-Free Lifestyle

Cyntra: Stress-Free Lifestyle Blogger