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It is very typical to feel anxious and stressed somewhere, especially if your daily rhythms justify it. However, when it exceeds the limits and interferes with your quality of life, it can be a sign that it is an anxiety disorder. With environmental stresses at an all-time high, separation from loved ones, isolation due to COVID restrictions, now more than ever anxiety levels are starting to increase.

I have spoken before about my anxiety and ways I have tackled it in the past in Why Do I Feel Anxious, however, I feel now is a time to revisit and share.

Anxiety disorders include phobias, panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalised anxiety disorder. I am no doctor therefore if you feel that your anxiety is limiting your day to day life please do seek medical help. The following is just my views on how to deal with slightly elevated anxiety levels.

How do you recognise anxiety?

These disorders can occur in either children or adults and are accompanied by symptoms such as:

  1. Intense anxiety and stress
  2. Inability to concentrate
  3. Feeling tired
  4. Sleep Disorders
  5. (Sometimes) muscle aches
  6. Dizziness
  7. Motion sickness
  8. Tachycardia
  9. Headache
  10. Difficulty making decisions

How to deal with stress on your own

You can do some things yourself to help yourself overcome the anxiety disorder, also, and under the supervision of a specialist.

Regular physical exercise and engaging in sports and group activities is always great for the soul. Endorphins from exercise can boost happiness while the energy which may be causing some anxiety can be used.

Increasing the hours, you sleep and slowing down on going out (alcohol etc) can also help lower anxiety (especially if your anxiety increases on a hangover).

Before seeking medication, you could investigate the use of CBD and how it can assist. It has proven benefits that include calming the heart rate. A frequently elevated heart rate is the most common symptom of anxiety and can be unpleasant. If you are unsure how much CBD is good to incorporate into your life, then you could look at a CBD dosage calculator to help.

However, I find surrounding yourself with your loved ones, getting a good night sleep, staying off the stimulants and daily walks a cure for most symptoms.

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Why do I have this anxiety? 

Some people may remember the first time their anxiety appeared. You may also be able to recognise the first time you felt anxious – who you are, with whom, what exactly you felt, etc. Often, however, it is difficult to say precisely when your anxiety first appeared. It is usually even more challenging to say why he appeared. Even if one can identify the causes, it is difficult to explain why the stress continues to appear. What causes the symptoms to persist?

What maintains stress is indeed a series of vicious circles that are related to the way a person thinks. A great deal of anxiety and a lot of negative emotions make the person always think about the problems they are facing, the stress itself (i.e. the symptoms that appear), as well as their self-confidence, the world around them and their life in general. This article from verywellmind touches on a few points to help deal with emotions and stress as they arise.

You are not alone

As I said I am no Doctor and when I refer to anxiety I am not referring to the condition just the state of feeling anxious. If you are seriously struggling or it goes on for more than a week – please make sure you speak to someone.

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