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We all have those events when you are looking to drop a few pounds or get ready for a holiday. We go in with high hopes only to hit 11am and the morning stomach grumble is there.

I have recently trialled out Arbonne Evolution Set 

Now for people who know me – will know that I am not a big supplement person. I have the mentality of “if you can grow it or kill it then you can eat it” but after having a long conversation with the consultants at Arbonne I agreed to try this product out as part of my prep towards my up-coming holiday.

So what is it:

The set is made up of a Tablet and a Powder.

The Tablet:


Ingredients include green tea extract and green coffee bean extract. These are both extracts that some of the Made in Chelsea crew have advocated for their slimming. Unlike other caffeine based tablets – this one did not leave me with the shakes. In fact I didn’t really notice much. However, my normal cravings around 11 and 3pm had diminished. With all other factors in my life being equal I have to hold my hands up and maybe say this could have been the reason.

The Powder:


The powder I would liken to Crystal Lite if you have tried it. You mix the Kiwi- Watermelon flavoured powder into water and neck really quickly half an hour before food. I had mine first thing in the morning as I made my morning green smoothie. The ingredients contain Glucomannan which is given to people with type 2 diabetes for blood sugar control. As it helps reduce spikes in your blood sugar this also helps reduce those intense cravings that low blood sugar can cause. What I would say here tho… reduce your sugar and have low gi foods and this will also reduce those pangs. As with the tablets with all factors remaining equal I noticed that I was only eating three meals a day. My need to snack had significantly reduced and when I was hungry I was not having those little voices in the head to go the naughty treats in life…it was general hunger for nourishing food.

As I have said before – I am usually not an advocate for these types of supplements but I am pleasantly surprised.

The consultants I worked with Maysoun ( and Victoria ( kept in contact with me throughout my trial. They offered advice and their own experience and sent me fact sheets when I questioned more about the products.

If you do need a little helping hand for keeping the cravings at bay when starting a new phase to become a healthier version of you… I would recommend speaking to Arbonne or these girls. My questions were answered, there was a face to the product and no worries that something nasty may be arriving at the door which can often happen when purchasing products off the internet.

A vegan and vegetarian friendly company

I was happy to trial this product.

With all supplements you must consult your doctor before taking anything. What might work for one person may not for an other. These are my opinions and my review. Please seek your own advice before taking a product. 

Diet and Fitness will always be the ultimate in reaching your goal

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