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Brighton is a British seaside town with its own special magic. From Victorian history to 60s mods and modern day LGBTQ+ venues, this town has its place in history and that makes it well worth exploring. There’s more to this iconic location than just it’s famous Pier, although that is definitely a great place to visit. No matter what kind of city break you like, whether it’s historic, cultural or adrenaline packed, you can find it here –  as well as the best brunch outside of London. So what are the must-see sights in Brighton?

Be Charmed At The Royal Pavilion

Instantly recognisable and uniquely charming, the Royal Pavilion is a monument to architectural excess. Once a pleasure escape for the wayward George IV, this building was designed with the heavy influence of Islamic and Mughal architecture, resulting in a wonderfully ornate venue that you can explore inside and out today. The Pavilion is a monument to British eccentricity and the diverse cultural influences of a seafaring island nation.

Wine and Dine In The Lanes

If you’re looking for any type of entertainment, delicious food, potent cocktails and fabulous independent shops, they await you in the Lanes in Brighton, a network of streets that form an open air arcade of over 400 unique shops, cafes and bars. The stunning, Grade II listed Theatre Royal sits next to a host of smaller venues that can ensure you have a great evening. Pick up a Brighton area guide to get the latest roll call of watering holes to try out. From antiques shops, to handmade jewellery, from the best vegan cake to a pint of real ale – you can find it all here.

Stop Off At The Beach

Of course, no trip to Brighton would really be complete without a visit to the wonderful pebbly beach. Bag yourself a striped deckchair and take in the sea breeze and the crashing waves – perhaps with some candy floss as well! There are lots of bars and restaurants offering an ocean view as well, or if you want something a little more active you can rent a sea kayak in Brighton and paddle along the shoreline to take things in rather differently! And of course, the Palace Pier is traditional British seaside at it’s finest. From a huge arcade to fairground rides and calorific foodie treats, you can really experience it all here – with the rather haunting spectacle of the old West Pier looming in the distance.

Take In The Aquarium

Brighton Aquarium is the world’s oldest currently operating, but they’ve well and truly moved into the modern day with an extensive ecological breeding programme and regular beach clean-ups. Every type of sea life is on display here, and you can even skim across the top of the tanks in a glass-bottomed boat! It’s an amazing display that can also teach you a lot about our precious native marine life. 

Whether you have a week or just a weekend, Brighton has so much to offer visitors – why not venture on down before the last of Summer sun sets on Brighton Beach

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