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Saffron-Soul-Mira-ManekMira Manek

I am more than excited to announce the book launch of Mira Manek  Saffron Soul: Healthy, vegetarian heritage recipes from India

Mira Manek is the Indian cuisine equivalent of Deliciously Ella. Her recipes are light, flavourful, exquisite and did I mention absolutely mouthwatering. She hosts yoga events, supper clubs and bespoke Indian feasts to show how tasty and healthy the world of Indian inspired cooking can be.

Her recipes change traditional views that Indian food is based on heavy curries and introduces a world of flavours that many of us have yet to explore.

I am excited to take this next voyage of discovery…!

Healthy Indian Cuisine

I met Mira two years ago after I attended a delicious feast which she hosted at Shoreditch House. The spread was incredible… if you don’t believe me read this! 

The variety of flavours and ingredients filling the table were incredible. From chickpea flour pancakes with coriander chutney and chilli beet to Divine Mocha Cake with Nutmeg & Mocha Cashew Frosting, Raw Mocha Flapjacks with Nutmeg, and Almond Cocktails. Nutritious and delicious.

The main event for me though was the Saffron and Cardamon Cheesecake

Now can you see why I have been eagerly awaiting this launch!

Where to buy

If you are looking to buy this for yourself or to share with others then you can find it here!



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