Pukka: Healing with the Power of Herbs

Feeling Exhausted?

Are you tired?
No matter how much sleep you get its never enough?
Slow digestion?
Trouble starting the day without caffiene?

Do you find that everyday your life is getting more and more stressful, driven more and more by each coffee you have only to leave you feeling more exhausted?

Does this sound like you?

In 2015 – I was beginning to think something was wrong with me. I would get 8 hours sleep a night but when the alarm went off it felt like I had just run a marathon.

My mornings were made up of a couple of espresso’s and a flat white for good measure. People told me everyday that I looked tired…It was starting to get on top of me.

Until one day a radiant soul came up to me and asked me whether I had adrenal fatigue? 

I did my research and low and behold things started to make sense. My adrenals were in overdrive and everything I was doing to keep myself going was actually wearing them out even more.

A life sustained by caffeine was pushing my adrenals to the max.

I needed to make a change…

Thats when I got introduced to the power of herbs and started rectifying my old ways with new healing ways.

First things first: Caffeine

I really do. But it was time to make a change.

I reduced my coffee intake to one good coffee in the morning and swapped my other drinks to Pukka Serene Jasmine Green. This wonderful tea calmed my nerves while still providing me with a good ol caffeine hit without exhausting my adrenals.


I started using all of Pukka’s Range in exchange for my coffee and started realising how powerful these teas were to my wellbeing.

Detox  in the morning:

Three Ginger to vitalise during the day:

Post Dinner to help with digestion:

pukka night time tea

and snoozed into bed with Night Night Time

Each day I felt more energised and less and less was relying on coffee to give me that jolt in the morning. Instead I enjoyed my morning cup of lava and then sipped my way to herby health throughout the rest.

I no longer NEEDED it – and that was a freedom that I hadn’t felt in a long time.


Alongside the support from the teas I started taking Ashwagandha Morning and Night
Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing, has been used since ancient times for a wide variety of conditions, and is most well-known for its restorative benefits. It has traditionally been prescribed to help people strengthen their immune system after an illness.

If you suffer from:

Lack of energy
Difficulty concentrating

The use of the Ayurvedic herb, Ashwagandha can help alleviate these symptoms and support an energetic and rejuvenating sense of wellbeing.


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