Mira Manek: Healthy Indian Cuisine

On Wednesday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mira Manek the beautiful chef behind Mira Manek Blog and the #HealthyIndian.

Inspired by yoga to return to the food that her mother, grandmother and aunts have cooked over the years: She began her journey on combining own home cooked food with healthy and fresh ingredients to bring about a new concept of Indian food as healthy and not heavy.

I arrived with my BFF, Lucy, to a MasterClass in Healthy Indian Cuisine to be met with a Feast.

I could only describe it as a prequel to an Indian Christmas

Vegetarian and pre-dominantly Gluten-Free: I cannot wait till her book is released new year.


Lucy and I stood in awe as more and more fresh, delicious and enticing food began arriving out of the kitchen


The platters of fresh ingredients had us salivating!


We decided to get some non-alcoholic cocktails to distract us as Mira set up her event

drink shoreditch



The Feast was incredible. Mira presented us with Chickpea Flour Pancakes with Coriander Chutney and Chilli Beet.


Charred Sweetcorn, Grilled Masala Aubergine, Gorgeous Courgette Rolls… the food just kept coming and coming. Fresh, delicious, colourful – at one point I thought my eyes were deceiving me!

mira manek

Spinach, Beet and Chickpea Pancakes, Kale Salad, Aubergine and a Fennel Almond Cocktail…I made my way to a chair to delve in and listen to Mira teach us how to make the delightful feast in front of us.

 mira mira1

Oh I forgot to mention there was pudding too…

mira manek1

Lucy and I shared a plate as our bellies were so satiated from the mains…

We were indulged with Divine Mocha Cake with Nutmeg & Mocha Cashew Frosting, Raw Mocha Flapjacks with Nutmeg, and Almond Cocktails. The main event for me though was the Saffron and Cardamon Cheesecake

I have not given the full menu for the feast that was provided but my goodness this lady is one to watch! Get over to her website and Instagram.
She hosts link ups for yoga breakfast and supper clubs.

She will be the hot new thing of 2016! 

We said our thank you’s and goodbyes to Mira and headed out into the Autumn Evening to sip on a mint tea and enjoy the sounds of City of London Sinfonia.

Orchestra  symphonie tea

Perfect end to a perfect evening.

You can find all the details of recipes on Mira Manek blog all her recipes, dates and more are stored.

Hosted at Shoreditch House

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