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8 Minutes to get Lean and Toned Abs

Fall is here and dragging yourself out of bed in the morning for that gym workout is the last thing on your mind.

You start work in the dark and finish in the dark. The sun has barely grazed the skies on your commute.

It’s natural to want to stay in bed. When it is dark you should be asleep. In the darker months we get less sunlight and our bodies need the night to re-cooperate. Sunlight naturally wakes us up and we should let nature take its course.

Having said that though… here is a NON-EXCUSABLE  8 minute Ab Workout to start every day as you mean to go on. Keeping you slim and toned through those winter months ready for showing off under those layers.

Passion 4 Profession
This workout I have been using for years. It is tough the first time but persevere and soon it will become part of your morning routine. If you can do this one every other day or every 2 days you will have a great start.
It walks you through it and gives you breaks therefore giving you time for the breaks you need 

Fitness Blender
This workout is perfect for everyday.
It engages those core lower ab muscles and gives you a range of movement which you can do everyday on top of your workout schedule.
This one is more female friendly than the other

All you need for both these exercises is a yoga mat or two towels. Wake up in the morning, have a nice big glass of water and before you have a shower set this time to have a little boost to get your abs toned, lean and fat burning before you have even had your morning coffee.


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