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Stress Free Guide to Tasmania | Hobart + Surroundings

Yep, you read that right… a trip to Tasmania in TWO DAYS!

People often exclaim to me ‘how do you get so many days off/ travel to so many places/ you never seem to work…but the thing is… I do. Many people are hesitant to travel to new destinations fearing that they neither have the time nor want to prioritise their treasured annual leave on certain destinations. But I am here to share with you how I make the most of my annual leave and precious free time to use it to its extent.

Wanna know more…? Keep reading.


Tasmania is on the doorstep to mainland Australia and if you live or are travelling here – it is well worth the visit!

Historically rich, and exceptionally beautiful, it is the perfect weekend get away for those looking for some peaceful tranquility after a busy week in the office.

What to visit in two days?

Fly into Hobart on the Friday night after work in order you are able to rise early for the first part of your two days in Tassie!

Salamanca markets

I would highly recommend staying in West/ South Hobart and renting a car from the airport.

Day 1: Salamanca Markets

The Salamanca Markets (Saturday) are the perfect opening to your weekend in Tasmania. Fly into Hobart the night before and find a hotel/ air bnb in this part of town and rise early for these wonderful local market.

Salamanca markets

Go hungry, there is plenty to try, and be sure to queue up for the incredible coffee that is served in and amongst the stalls.

If you happen to come across the salmon sausage van…these sausages will change your life!

  • Food
  • Coffee
  • Local produce 

Day 1: Bruny Island

When you have topped up with the nourishing market treats and have woken up the engine with delicious local coffee… hop into a rental car and head South to your next stop Bruny Island.

Tasmania Bruny Island Travel Tips

Absolutely stunning and mesmerising in its peacefulness. Bruny island is a short ferry ride away to a gorgeous island rich in nature, vineyards and artisanal outlets.

Stop for local cheese tastings, vineyards and coffee as you head to the most southernly lookouts across the Ocean and the most incredible lighthouse where you can see the miles into the great blue.

Bruny Island Travel Tips

On your way back North of the island make sure to stop to re-nourish and refuel at Bruny Wine and Cider which serve incredible meals (alongside wine tasting) as you head back towards the Ferry.

Day 1: Mount Wellington Sunset

Time the sunset correctly to give yourself enough time to head from Bruny Island back to Mouth Wellington to watch the incredible Sunset from the highest point of the Mountain.

Be sure to take a jumper… it is windy!!


That is the end of Day 1. Once back in Hobart you are spoilt for great restaurants and places to eat. One of my favs to visit is Franks’s – excellent cocktails and an absolutely DIVINE menu!

Cyntra Charlesworth

Day 2: Mona 


Set your alarm early to head out and grab some brunch. We headed to the Salamanca Wharf Cafe to load up on local salmon and eggs before jumping in the car to head to Mona Museum.

MONA – Museum of Old and New Art is a mostly-underground art museum with a playful vibe & a wine bar on the Moorila Winery grounds.


Their website describes Mona as Mona: a museum, or something. In Tasmania, or somewhere. Catch the ferry. Drink beer. Eat cheese. Talk crap about art. You’ll love it.

And that is pretty much all I am going to share… but let me tell you something… if you do not go… YOU HAVE MISSED OUT.

Port Arthur

If you are dedicating yourself to do Tasmania in one weekend then this is your opportunity to do Mona and Port Arthur in a day.

Bangor Estate
Bangor Estate, Port Arthur

You will need a car and dedication!

Set the sat nav for Port Arthur which is at the very South of Tassie. To make the drive a more fun trip there are some excellent Vineyards (Bangor Shed was a personal Fav) and Chocolate Factories on the way.

Port Arthur

Once you arrive at Port Arthur, take your time to do the tours, boat ride and explore the historically relevant Port at this southernly point of Tassie.

Tasmania in two days!

So there you have it! How to make the most of the laid back Aussie state without taking too much time out of your annual leave!

Things to remember:


  • Get a flight out Friday afternoon to make the most of your first evening and day
  • Rent a car from the airport
  • Chat to the locals – Tazzie’s are super friendly and great with advice
  • Its colder down there – so pack warmer clothes! Its like British weather there
  • Leave your busy schedule and fast paced lifestyle behind and come with an open mind to relax and take in the views


  • Try and do the whole island – its huge
  • Uber isn’t really as popular as in mainland – so plan ahead

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