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Salon 64 | London

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We have all been there – rolled out of bed early, hit the alarm clock, ran out the door and as we sit having our morning coffee realize that we only put on one eye of mascara?

The out comes the phone or the awkward hand held mirror as we try to piece together a relatively normal face of make up for the day?

Well let me introduce to you SALON64!

is a brand new concept hidden in the streets of Soho. Just off Dean Street there lies a social hub for the 21st century trendsetter – a space where you can meet your friends, grab a coffee, do your make up and host a meeting… oh and did I mention have a blow dry from one of the most sought after hair styling team in London?

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new

The Style Bar Soho

As you enter Salon 64 you are met by the beautiful artsy design of the salon and the Style Bar space situated at the front window where you can plug in your iPhone, relax and have a coffee and prepare for your morning meetings after your commute!

Their coffee is exquisite with their very own coffee beans roasted by Vagabond to give you that morning buzz! Also, if you are feeling a little bit like you need a sweet hit – their pure chocolate based hot chocolate is not to be missed!

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new

The Bar

Next to the The Style Bar, The Bar serves a varying menu of drinks and snacks, it is the ideal place to meet friends or have a meeting.

It is designed to allow you to work on a laptop or tablet while having a creative space to chat and get your #girlboss on.

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new

Blow Dry

If you’re running from work to meet your friends or heading out on an impromptu date – run on in and the team are there have got you sorted with a pampering nail treatment or quick blow dry.

Beachy, big or whatever style you need the team there are so welcoming and really helpful in giving you a few tips to keep your mane in good check.

Their gorgeous products are all organic and made in Italy. Naturally nourishing for your locks – which is definitely what we need among all the city pollution.

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new

Art of the Conversation

Toward the back of Salon 64 is the fire pit area. This is where the concept really comes alive. The fire pits offer a space for you to work, host meetings, have your hair done and even catch up with friends while you get ready for the weekend.

It is so dynamic. You will see people nibbling a croissant in the morning preparing for the day ahead. People having their hair done and catching up over the days office goss before heading out into the Big Smoke. People just sitting back and enjoying London’s latest offering.

The area can be a table, a mirror, a dressing table and somewhere to have your hair blown. I can’t quite articulate it myself – you just have to go in!


I am always looking for simple hacks to save me time and energy – and this is definitely one.

I love it for these three reasons:

  1. They serve GREAT artisan coffee

2. Ricky and the team are truly welcoming and really get you involved in the conversation! Their passion is tangible!

3. ANYONE who can give me big curls when I ask for big curls gets my seal of approval!

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new


Ricky Walters, owner of Salon 64, employs his expertise in the science of hair and beauty to direct a team of cosmetologists, ordering a number of highly specialized hair styling and colouring options as well as beauty & pampering treatments:

Creative Director/ Owner – upon consultation only (booking required)

Styling Services:

Cut & blowdry from £77.00

Blowdry from £55.00

Hair up from £70.00

Gents cut from £50.00

Colour Services:

Full head of Highlights from£185.00

Half head of Highlights from £145.00

Tint from £90.00

Nail Spa Treatments

Essential Manicure from £45.00

Essential Pedicure from £55.00

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