Review: Press London Juice Cleanse

Press London Juice

Every now and again life can come a little unbalanced.

Late nights, too much coffee, client lunches and general burning the candle at both ends can often leave your body like it needs a reboot.

Following the Christmas Festivities, I was starting to feel a little unbalanced and therefore decided to try a juice cleanse to feel more alkalised.

I decided to do Press London 3 day Juice Cleanse and diary the ups and downs for y’all so you know what to expect before you begin!

Continue reading my detox diary…

Before you start:

  1. Read the booklet about the Juice Cleanse
  2. Come off coffee and other stimulants
  3. Eat lightly – try to have no big heavy meals
  4. Plan your week to avoid dinners out
  5. Plan your work week to avoid breakfast/ lunch meetings
  6. Practise yoga – no heavy exertion

Press London Juice Cleanse

Day One

The juices arrived in a cooler box ready to go! I would recommend getting the delivery when you’re at home or somewhere you can immediately store the juices to keep them fresh.

Clearly labelled with the order that you need to take the juices – it could not be easier to start!

There is a guide sent to you to get you prepared prior to the cleanse – I would highly recommend sticking to this as it really does help you set up ahead of the cleanse.


  • Enough juices that you do not feel hungry
  • Lots of flavour variation and incredible flavours to enjoy
  • Beautifully packaged and the colours are incredible

Press Juice Cleanse CynCity Cyntra


  • You need to forget about meal times which can be hard especially if you work in an office where there is lots of food around. Try and keep yourself distracted and go for a walk when you know there may be temptation
  • You feel cold – it’s an odd sensation but I felt really chilly
  • ATTENTION: Read the booklet prior to starting day one. Otherwise, the coffee withdrawal catches you out!

Day Two

Day two began and it felt calmer knowing what to expect. You know what the juices taste like and you can start to plan when best to have the different juices and mylks to suit your day.


  • You will start to feel less bloated
  • Leaves more time to focus on other things
  • A natural sense of feeling lighter
  • You feel sleepier in the evenings

Press Juice Cleanse CynCity Cyntra


  • Caffeine – this part really sucks – the caffeine withdrawal is bad and this is why I cannot stress enough to wean yourself off prior to the cleanse
  • Saying no to friends and events
  • No gymming

Day Three

By day three you will be really in the swing of things. Your stomach would have shrunk and the benefits of no bloating will be noticeable to you.

There is a sense of pride as well knowing you have stuck to the challenge.

This is the day I would say it would be wise to look at the post cleanse instructions which give you advice on how to re-introduce foods back into your diet to help maintain your new alkalised state.


  • No hunger pangs – your body really gets used to it quickly
  • There is a sense of achievement which makes you feel great about sticking to something

Press Juice Cleanse CynCity Cyntra


  • None by day three – you really do feel like you’re winning!

Top Tricks

Also discovering incredible ways to ‘juice’ up the cleanse…

Top tricks:

  • if you have a Nespresso milk frother or hand held gizmo… set it on the cold milk and froth up your nut mylks! Oh my game change
  • Add ice to the juices
  • Add some accessories… a little cocktail umbrella… why not!
  • If you can get to a sauna and steam – do it! Help cleanse yourself from the inside out – you will be positively glowing

Press Juice Cleanse CynCity Cyntra


Also, there will be people who want to sabotage you… the people who make comments…

‘Oh you’re not eating’

‘Oh go on it’s only vodka’

‘Life is for living’

And all that jazz

Just remember you’re doing this for you. To reset. To re-alkalise. To re energise. Quite frankly what you do has nothing to do with anybody so keep calm and stay positive.

Juice Cleanse

This part is almost as important that sticking to it

Go veggie to start: light soups, salads and keep it easy. Your tummy has been hibernating to don’t scare it back into action

  • this is your time to start with new lifestyle changes – so maybe lay off sugars, alcohol, creams and fried food
  • Enjoy that post cleanse glow
  • Treat yourself / you’ve earnt it

Press London Juice Cleanse

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