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Welcome 2014! The New Year has begun and we are all trying to do our best to keep the tipsy new years resolutions we made from the night before.

I visited home for the festive period. I live in an area in England which has beautiful mountains and when I am home I am always trying to ring around my lovely friends to join me for a walk.

Hills 8

My friend emma and her lil pup hugo decided to join me on a mountain stroll. It looked grey and miserable until we climbed above the clouds – and wow it was worth it!

Hills 7

The wind was freezing and tried to push you back from reaching the top – but hugo, emma and I were determined. Once above the clouds – it was like reaching the calm of the heavens. It was magnificent…

Hills 2


Hills 4

This world is full of beauty – and not everything is always as it seems. Sometimes if you take the time to climb though the negativity and reach higher – you will be rewarded with the beauty that sometimes can be hidden from you.

Hills 5











Getting to the top felt incredible – even if I did get a free blowdry

Hills 6

In 2014 take time to access all situations because sometimes it is not always as it seems… x

Hills 3

Reach for your goals!


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