What To Do When You Feel Anxious

Let’s face it – anxiety is a b*tch!

Well, that feeling of being ‘antsy’ or anxious.

We have all been there when that feeling sets in. Just lurking in the background. Niggling in your bones. Making your heart feel like it isn’t beating properly. The worst part of it all is I know a good night’s sleep would usually deal with the problem. But when you’re anxious – you wake up at 4 am and for some reason believe that is the right time to address your life issues.

As I said, I am no doctor, I can only speak from my experience.

I hope my little go-to’s, for dealing with what is quite frankly a sh**ty feeling, can offer a little support and advice.

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Yes, I know – sometimes the toughest days are just dealt with by a good nights sleep.

However, if you are like me, and find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and over-analysing everything, then a bed time ritual is in order.

  1. Make that bed – fluff those pillows – and make sure your bed is your boudoir ready to swallow you up whole
  2. Skip the carbs before bed. Have a protein filled dinner. Protein is brain food and soul food. Carbs are energy food and when you need to calm its best to stick to less.
  3. Essential Oils – get a room diffuser. I use this Room Diffuser it’s amazing. Then find the perfect blend of essential oils. Radha Essential Oil Blends Set has a different infusion for different moods. Play around see what suits you.
  4. Turn your phone off. Read a book. I find this is a solid way to settle into a good snooze.

If you do wake up in the night – do not worry – this can cause more anxious thoughts. Get up and have a glass of water. Pick up your book and have another read. DO NOT LIE IN BED AND OVER ANALYSE LIFE.

If you still cannot sleep then just accept its an early morning. Some of the best mornings I have had have started at 4 am – followed by a morning yoga session – a good breakfast and a head start on the day.

Dealing with anxiety Sleep Cyncity Cyntra anxious

Don’t Be Needy Of Loved Ones

When you feel anxious one of the things you would think is obvious is to reach out to your date/ other half/ partner. From my experience – don’t.

Yes from time to time it’s nice to get assurance from your loved one. However, if you do not get the response you want – it can spiral you even further in your antsy mood or even worse you take it out on them.

The only person you need assurance from is you. Get a pen and pad out and write down all the things you feel you are smashing at life. Then write down what is making you feel anxious. Then strategically look at if it is something you can fix and if you can’t – that’s ok. If you truly cannot fix it – why worry about it. It’s the logical answer to an illogical feeling.

But that is all it is – a feeling – it will pass.

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Be Needy Of Friends

Haha, yes that is what they are there for. To put the world right over a glass of wine and listen to your crazies, make you laugh, enjoy some great food and know no matter what they are always going to be there.

Some of my friends have shared some of their inner most thoughts with me – and to be honest if I shared half of what I heard – we would think this world is full of psychopaths… and those are just my guy friends!

No, I jest but reach out to your inner circle. That is what they are there for and they will love you even more for your vulnerability.

Dance, sing, laugh, bbq, eat, watch movies or just engage in a good old catch.

It is incredible what your nearest and dearest can do for your soul.

YOU time

Do what YOU love. Whether that is smashing a gym session, going for a walk, having a facial, eating take away in front of a crappy movie or going shopping – just do it!

Sometimes a little bit of self-love and hanging out with the only person who has always got your back – YOU.

Go on indulge – take your mind off it and just enjoy yourself.

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Getting Help

As I said I am no Doctor and when I refer to anxiety I am not referring to the condition just the state of feeling anxious. If you are seriously struggling or it goes on for more than a week – please make sure you speak to someone.

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