Girl Boss Breakfast on the Run: Raw Gorilla

Calligraphy FontsA day in the life of a 9-5’ver…Alarm goes. In the Shower. Get Changed. Run to tube. Prep for meeting. Meeting till 2pm.

raw gorilla

Does this sound like your morning routine?

Do you read about the latest article telling you how the key to slimming is having a good breakfast? That breakfast is the most important meal of the day? You see all the beautiful pictures of fellow Londoners sitting down and instgramming their beautiful creations…Yet in your reality breakfast is that distant meal that your mother used to prepare for you when you were a child or something you schedule at the weekend with the girls?

The articles are not wrong

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Kick starting your day right gives you the energy to get up and achieve great things. It feeds your muscles and your brain meaning that you are alert and energized not tired and hangry. Those who eat breakfast generally eat better throughout the day as they do not suffer from onset cravings.

Are you thinking “I don’t have time for breakfast”

That’s completely legit. I barely have dried hair by the time I am running out the door! Usually forgetting my headphones or shouting to my boyfriend to remember to take his lunch!

The kitchen at work isn’t quite equipped for me to make avo-toast with poached egg… So I am at the point where its seek or starve… until I discovered Raw Gorilla. Raw Gorilla was born in Stoke Newington, London in 2014. The creators were crazy about breakfast and raw food in general, their creator..“Fraser wanted to add a twist to regular sugary and wheaty cereals such as coco pops and rice crispies and sugary snacks and turn them into raw nutritional powerhouses.” 

Yes yes and yes!

raw gorilla 2

Raw Gorilla key focal points are: Raw, Gluten free, Vegan, Paleo, No refined anything, No additives or preservatives or colours, hand made feel, organic, no grains just wholesome delicious products blended with amazing superfoods like raw cacao, lucuma & maca.

 Ingredients are 100% raw/ alive, full of sprouted wholesomeness, no gluten, no dairy no nasties at all!

Perfectly packaged for me to slip into my bag on a Monday and keep in the cupboard at work. This natural breakfast is a great for anyone on the run but wants to stay healthy, slim and vibrant at work.

No-one wants to be suffering with low energy, with the temptation of the sugary snacks people bring into meetings, while trying to concentrate on targets and strategy.

To be a BOSS you need to fuel.

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