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Bequia Saint Vincent & The GrenadinesBequia

Bequia pronounced Bekway – is the second largest island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and in my eyes a hidden jewel in the heart of the Caribbean.

This beautiful island is hard to fault. It is small enough you can fully explore and is home to some amazing restaurants, bars, beaches and people.

We were advised by one of the Daily Mail travel writers to visit this small island, which has a population of less than 5000, rather than stay on one of the more popular Caribbean islands and my gosh I am so glad we did.

Bequia Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

About Bequia

As Bequia is quite hard to get too, there is not too many articles written about this island.

Upon receiving the thumbs up that the flights were booked, I jumped on to Pinterest, Instagram, and all other forms online to get the low down on what to pack, where to visit, what practical and also other little gems of advice…get what…


For that reason, I have written up this stress-free guide to this wonderful island to save you time in order that you can maximise the fun on Bequia:

You also get a sneak peek at my holiday snaps too 😉

bequia voueTake the Stress Out Travelling

Follow the links to share top tips for travelling in Bequia Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

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