Bequia: How to Get to Bequia

How to Get to BequiaHow to Get to Bequia

Bequia: Getting There 

Unless you are a sailing yacht the main route is via Barbados flights. Depending on the time of year you are heading there you may want to Google – How to Get to Bequia – however, this is the route I took to get there.

From Barbados, you will get a small connecting flight to the island with SVG Air (www.svgair.com), from Barbados, £248 return, from St Lucia £231 return. (Check for most recent flight data)

This flight is not for the light-hearted and brace yourself for incredible views and an 8 seater plane.

How to Get to Bequia

The Connection Flight

You will enjoy the finest views of the Grenadines but be prepared for turbulence.

The plane is small and you will feel the bumps and nudges of the clouds and winds which you do not usually experience on a larger plane.

The pilot sits up in front of you and you can view the cockpit and all see exactly where you are going throughout the flight.

How to Get to Bequia

We took off with the clouds dotted through the skyline.

The pilot navigated in and out and through some of the clouds making for quite a hair-raising experience.

Both exciting and nerve-wracking, the experience is definitely unforgettable

As you start your descent into Bequia you will be blessed with some of the best views of the Grenadines and all the tiny islands that make up this beautiful and barely touched environment.

How to Get to Bequia

Top Tips For Getting There

Pack hand luggage

These flights only carry 8 people – if your long-haul flight is delayed they will wait for you and not your luggage – which is usually dropped off the next day.

I did not have this experience myself but I came prepared with a bikini, day dress, evening dress and travel essentials in my hand luggage which you take on board the little plane yourself.

Don’t Overdue Duty-Free

Bequia is a small island and they need to import most items. They are quite strict with what you bring in due to the import tax.

They are friendly at the airport if perhaps you make a small error but bottles of spirits and boxes of cigarettes are a no-no.

Don’t like flying? Prepare yourself

Take rescue remedy or meditate or do what you usually do for flights but times by two. This is a bumpy and loud short flight.


It is LOUD on the little plane – bring earplugs to drown out the noise.

How to Get to Bequia (Baggage Handling)

 How to Get to Bequia

When you arrive at the airport there are a couple of taxis available but due to the island being so small you will have someone calling the local “air-conditioned” taxi in no time at all.

How to Get to Bequia

When you arrive you drive through a beautiful fisherman’s town where the friendly locals and children will great you with a big smile or inquisitive eyes. The colours and the lush setting make a perfect welcome to Bequia.

You will start to feel how friendly the island is within minutes. The communities are happy to see tourism and new people visit their beautiful island.

How to Get to Bequia

Therefore, Sit back – Relax – Enjoy

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