Today’s Clean Meal – Gluten and Grain free bread

I have been obsessed with Hemsley + Hemsley recently. So chic and their food so delicious it leaves me wanting more and more.


Pure British Nutritious Rock’n’Roll

I picked up Red Magazine the other day and stumbled across this delicious gluten/ grain free bread – perfect for those of us who can’t eat wheat or want to start the new year clean.

Its is so simple to make – it took less that 15 mins followed by half an hour cooking!

The bread is soft, tasty and moreish!

Packed full of protein it is my winning find of 2015!

bread 2

Go online to to get the full recipe

The finished product – wrap in parchment paper and tin foil and store for up to 7 days


Delicious and Nutritious!

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