Bequia: What To Pack

Bequia: What to Pack?

Heading to Bequia and not sure what to pack? Here are my top tips as to what to pack for Bequia.

First things first: Mosquito’s

There is mosquito’s all year around in Bequia as the environment is so lush.

They are not harmful but they will take a nibble if possible. The times to watch out are in the morning and the evening.

Be sure to pack mosquito repellent and appropriate precautions to keep these critters at bay.

What to wear in Bequia

What to wear in the Morning: 

Pack lots of light long sleeve tops or maxi dresses and wear deet.

It does get very warm so linen and cotton are ideal. Aim to get breakfast early so the time the mossies disappear and when the sun comes out you will be in beachwear.

What to wear in Bequia

What to wear in the Evening: 

Long sleeve shirts, maxi dress with shawl, long skirts and anything to cover exposed skin.

The bug spray will keep the mossie’s at bay and the evening weather is mild enough to wear more clothing.

What to wear in Bequia


Bikini, tankini, swimming costumes – the island is surrounded by the most beautiful ocean that invites you in. The island is not too conservative but I would suggest not going topless as this is not a very touristy island due to its location.

Stick to bandeau if you want to stop tan lines.

What to wear in Bequia

What to wear in the Daytime: 

Shorts, skirts, dresses – the island is there for exploring so wear clothes to explore.

Scratchy materials are not ideal as the weather is warm and any discomfort is un-necessary  What to wear in BequiaShoes: 

High heels are not necessary – there is a beautiful beach path leading from Port Elizabeth to Queen Margaret beach which is best done in flats.

Superga’s, trainers, flip flops, sandals and pumps.


Bequia is not Barbados.

It is not wrapped up in the more materialistic side of life – it is far more relaxed.

In the evening think simple, chic, chill and make sure you have something to protect from sea breeze if you like to be near the sea at night.

Jazz up a nice outfit with jewellery!What to wear in Bequia


Hat, sunglasses, deet, beach bag, handbag, mossie spray and sun-cream

Bequia is an island to explore: meet the locals, meet the people who have moved there, enjoy the cocktails and rum punches and take in the vast views of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Use this as an opportunity to mix simple, chic and comfort into one wheelie suitcase. You won’t need much to keep it simple.

For More Information on Bequia Click Here: Bequia


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