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Kicks to Clicks – Work-wear Style that protects your Greatest Assets

  IMG_3542[1]Hands up who wears heels to work?

High Heels are amazing! I have a whole bed (yes the one in the picture above) filled underneath from Choos to Louboutins, New Look to Asos. They elongate your legs, give your bottom an incredible work out and make you feel absolutely fabulous!


When you’re on the move throughout the day or have to travel for work like I do…High Heels can be a nightmare! They put a lot of strain on those knees or yours and your feet in general. Not to mention the stairs, escalators and cobbled streets you have to navigate on the way.

 No pain no gain?

I have heard this before… and believe me I can run 100m in 5inch heels just as fast as I can in trainers… but does this mean I am going to? Varying up your shoes throughout the day protects one of the most useful pair of assets we have – our legs.

When we were heels we change the pressure on our feet to just the balls and our delicate toe bones.

We change our natural walk to a sassy strut – but over a prolonged period of time this can damage our nerves

It shortens your calf muscles and over time this can make it painful when wearing flats

Knees – our natural shock absorbers get a hammering – which could lead to osteoporosis

Woah that sounds terrible!

Well its not all bad! There are some benefits to those sexy stilettos

They make you feel taller and slimmer and therefore can boost confidence on those days where you may feel a little low. This in turn will make you feel more at ease and less stressed. Thus reducing the amount of cortisol in your body… the stress hormone which is sometimes linked to weight gain!

Super sexy strong calf muscles

A general leg workout when wearing them

Moral of the story

So… going forward! When you get ready in the morning pack your heels in that hand bag of your and wear your kicks for the commute.


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