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Monochrome Mondays: Travel Style

1Style while Travelling

When you travel for work it can be quite difficult looking the part but also making sure you are being realistic with your outfit.
Commuting across london, getting to the airport, the plane journey and then finding your bearings the other side, you need to be prepared so you don’t turn up flustered, sore feet and a little disheveled.

Here is my guide for looking like a Girl Boss no matter the Time Zone.



Pack and plan the night before. I can’t emphasise how important this is. You will be calm, level headed and prepared. If you don’t you make up on the day stressed, tired, late and forget those key and important documents.

Keep all your travel documents in a slip together. Keep your toiletries in a plastic bag to save time and searching at the airport. Separate your work clothes from casual for a quick change. Bring something extra in case of delays.

If you are going to a business meeting in another country remember you may be asked out for dinner that evening so remember to pack an alternative outfit.




Trust me it is not a good idea to travel in heels. Rushing about even in the smallest heels can wreak havoc on your knees.
You may have to run for you plane, or make a long walk the other side, and you don’t want to be one holding your colleagues back. There is nothing worse than watching someone rush in heels.
Flat shoes don’t need to be the odd thing out on your outfit: edge up your corporate style while travelling.

These Nike Cortez are sleek, monochrome and stylish can be worn with a suit to give it a nonchalant edge of style while keeping you in a position where you’re ready for anything. You can even use those in the evening when exploring the new town you are in and racking up those 10,000 steps.


Don’t think outfits – Think Accessories.

How can you make the outfit you’re wearing look completely different? This helps you save on space in your suitcase. A different chunky necklace or a scarf can transform how an outfit looked.
Bring two tops and one set of trousers. Wear your hair-up and long earrings.
This trick is particularly great if you want to sacrifice space to bring your workout gear.

These trousers are my go-to whenever travelling as one day they are high waisted the next they are peg trousers with a sweater.

Workout Gear

Always chuck in a sports bra, leggings, swimsuit and top.

You never know after a long day your hotel may have a gym/ spa. You may even find a local yoga class and then head back for a sauna.

It’s better to be prepared than miss out.


Headphones, book, charger, healthy snacks, water and money.

You never know with travelling whether there will be a delay.
Don’t always rely on technology because when the power is gone – its gone.
Keep snacks on you in-case you don’t find a place to grab a bite, you don’t want to be the one with the growling stomach or low energy.


Travelling can take its toll on you. Tired, rushed, busy and stressed. If you can take the pressure off yourself in certain areas then you can focus on the job in hand.

What are your tricks for travelling? Would love to hear
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