Fitness Friday’s: Fitness Fusions

After a hard week in the office which has often been stressful and exhausting it has become the societal norm to head out in the evening and go for drinks. Often than not this can take a greater toll on our mental and physical well-being than the week at work we have just had resulting in us returning to the office the following Monday without have the adequate R&R. Perhaps it is time for a re- think of your weekend activities and focus on something that will restore clarity, strength and a sense of well-being.

Exercises classes these days have transformed from the 1980’s aerobics class into a much more social event with fun names like Destiny’s Child Dance Workout or Light Meditation. They build community and friendships and add an activity to your evening which will leave you in a much better state than other alternatives. Try it this weekend. Make a change to your usual routine and try something new.

This Friday is all about: Fitness Fusions: Class Reformer Pilates

This small Yoga and Pilates business is based in Clapham High Street. Tucked by the side of BetFred really close to Sainsburys. The venue is cute, small team and has beautiful flowers supplied by Bloomon which really brighten up the place.

Reformer Pilates is a different kind of pilates to mat Pilates. Its on a Reformer Machine (see pictures). Reformer targets both large and smaller supporting muscle groups, toning you up like no other exercise. Once your muscles are worked to fatigue by the springs and pulleys you can use small equipment on the reformer gives you that little bit of extra stretch. Because of the extra focus on stretching out your muscles, Reformer Pilates gives you long, lean and toned limbs without adding bulk which other exercises can. By correcting posture in your back and shoulders you’ll be walking taller and leaner.

Come and try it out this week. It is on most days but I will be heading to the 18:15pm class.

Download the Mind Body Online App and get booked in! They are offering your first reformer class free to try! Bargain!

Comment below if you go! I will see you there. Places fill up quick so get booking.

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