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Unlike most Sunday nights where I find myself tucked up in bed watching Homeland – Sunday the 1st of December was going to be a night like no other.


Alice and Anna have set up a wonderful idea of hosting supper clubs in Brixton from their very own Brixton Kitchen. They create simple, wholesome, nutritious and delicious food that quite honestly is fabulous. (www.


I arrived at Supper Club held at the beautiful venue of Brixton East. Upon arrival I was handed a welcomed warm and spicy mulled wine as I walked into the architectural delight that was chosen as the venue.

Mingling among friends and nibbling on chili cardamon popcorn – we took our seats as the supper club began


We sat around the table – approximately 20 of us – and within minutes our beautiful starter of Pickled pear, Gorgonzola, chicory and caramelized walnuts. The pear melted in the mouth and the Gorgonzola set of the flavours in such a way it was like a romance on my tongue


More conversation and the BYO policy was in full swing – we were brought our next course Venison Caserole with juniper and chestnuts, sauteed sprouts and fresh homemade bread. The rich game meat, with the texture of the chestnuts and the juniper flavour was the perfect dish for the cold nights we are entering into. The sauteed sprouts added the vegetables factor and matched the game casserole brilliantly.

As our bellies began to fill – I took the opportunity as the wine was being poured to take an exploratory trip around Brixton East. It is a beautiful venue, a converted barn which has been beautifully crafted into the perfect venue for partys, weddings and a number of other gatherings…

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Our next course arrived – my goodness – Spiced citrus almond cake and vanilla ice cream – one word – Insatiable!




Dessert was followed by Fresh mint tea, filter coffee and fig chocolate. The perfect finish to a wonderful supper


The suggested donation for these wonderful nights depends on the venue and night. The beautiful chefs gently and without notice place mugs – that at your own will – you can donate for the beautiful food, the wonderful venue and the perfect evening. Subtle, kind and without a word…




If you would like to get yourself involved in one of the wonderful evenings – go to the girls facebook page  or their blog www. and follow the girls to find out more dates.

Wonderful food, wonderful venue, wonderful evening



p.s Alice the chef above will tell me off for this photo – but she deserves a shoutout xx


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