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Plastic Free Keep Cup Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity

Reducing Plastic

Plastic consumption is at the forefront of the news. Since the wonderful David Attenborough delved deep into the destruction that this easy to come by single-use product has on our environment we have seen a significant shift to reduce plastic consumption.

Plastic, is, unfortunately everywhere.

According to Fauna & Flora Org,

Plastic is accumulating in the world’s oceans at a staggering rate. An estimated eight million tons of plastic – the equivalent of over 26,600 Boeing 747 planes – are swept into our seas and oceans every single year, mainly via rivers and coastal urban centres.

So what can we do as individuals to reduce our own plastic footprint and join the movement to get rid of this toxic by-product of society?

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Keep Cup

I am a coffee lover! Any of you who follow me on IG will know this. If you want to reduce your plastic consumption in one simple and effective move – get a keep cup.

“When auditing office waste, it’s common for us to see bins with 20% disposable cups. Keep Cup is a great way to reduce the use of disposable cups, given they are recyclable!”
Great Forest, Environmental Consultants

Disposable cups, made from paper or plastic, demonstrate a significant problem for our environment.

The vast number of disposable cups ending up in landfill puts unnecessary pressure on our natural resources to manufacture and transport them. Single-use disposable cups are definitely not the biggest perpetrator destroying the environment, but they are a clear demonstration of how convenience and consumption have become increasingly out of control.

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How can I reduce my Plastic consumption?

This year, I invested in a Keep Cup from Cru Kafe, to make one small step to helping reduce my plastic consumption.

Plastic Free Keep Cup Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity

Cute, stylish and the perfect long black/ flat white size… this Cru Kafe Keep Cup was very handy indeed. Made of glass you do need to be a little careful, but in saying that, I have not had a single issue with breakages.

By simply making this one small step, as an individual, I am able to make my difference in the overall reduction of plastic use in my day-to-day life.

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Keep Cup Pros

The Cru Kafe Keep Cup is small and chic. Wrapped with cork for the perfect grip, it actually was much nicer to sip my morning java from a weighted cup rather than a flimsy piece of paper which, at any point, could spill. We have all been there when the coffee somehow manages to jump out of that sipping hole at the smaller nudge of a stranger.

It is hard to reduce your plastic consumption when supermarkets are incessantly wrapping everything in it! By using a Keep Cup, you are able to simply make that small steps toward big change the world needs to tackle this terrible by-product of man.

Simple; use, wash and re-use. Fundamentally, taking any unwarranted stress out of this small change.

9/10 the barista will be more than happy to fill your cup (and often give it a wash for you) with a cheeky grin on their cheeks. There is something about knowing you’re trying to help the environment which just warms people to you.

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Plastic Free Keep Cup Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity

Keep Cup Cons

Yes, you do have to carry it around. Therefore, if you are the type of person who doesn’t carry a bag, then I would recommend purchasing a Keep Cup to keep at your desk.

Wait until you have reached the office before your morning brew and take the cup with you. It may even make you think twice about grabbing that £3 cup of magic on your way in and save you some money.

You will sometimes forget it. Often, I will leave it by the kitchen sink, or run out the office and only when I am about to make my order realise I have left my Keep Cup at my desk.

In the beginning, I would quite often find the odd coffee shop who would look at me like I asked them the most bemusing question. A little animosity, as if I was putting them out, or breaching some form of health and safety. However, I am finding now that most coffee shops are now on board.

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Where to buy a Keep Cup?

You can find Keep Cups in most coffee shops now. I personally bought mine from my favourite coffee company Cru Kafe. You can find the link here: Keep Cup 

Depending on whether you like a big coffee or small but I would recommend the small size for ease of use.

USE CODE: CYNTRA for a 15 % discount at Cru Kafe

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