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Stress-Free Energizing Office Snacks

Looking for a healthy energising boost which is actually good for you? Well here are my top suggestions!

  1. Pre Workout Boost/11am kickstart

If you have been checking in on my Instagram stories you would have seen Sandows Cold Brew featured quite often.

This delicious cold brew coffee is delicious, strong and full of no nasties. I have never been one for cold coffee – but these guys changed my mind.

I have been drinking a can first thing in the morning before my workout and have noticed the following;

No dehydration

Better concentration

Wide awake but no shakes

Performing better

Lifting heavier

Running Faster

And all over better performance!

The original and citrus are my favourite flavours! Would highly recommend.

Use this discount code: SANDOWS_FAM for a little gift from me to you!

Healthy Energizing Snacks Healthy Summer Office Snacks Sandows Cold Brew Coffee

2. Post Lunch Grumble

We all have that moment – usually around 3pm – when the post-lunch grumble in the stomach appears.

Don’t let the sugar cravings overrun you – reach for something tasty with none of the crap you get from some usual shop bought snacks. Real Handful has created a tasty treat which combines all the yumminess of nuts and fruit with a splash of sweetness with a hint of chocolate.

All the free’s you expect (dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan) but with all the flavour to keep you satisfied!

Cyntra Charlesworth Stress Free Blogger Healthy Snacks

3. After Work Gym Sesh

Tired, grumpy and the last thing you want to do is go to the gym. Many of us reach for a coffee at this time which can result in being pumped and affecting our sleep! Instead, reach for Tenzing a delicious natural energy booster!

Filled with natural goodness, this drink is ethically sourced and sustainably produced to bring you a drink that is not loaded with sugar when you need that extra boost!

Click here to find out more!

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