Too Many Tabs Stressing You Out

Too Many Tabs Open

Are you guilty of your screen looking like this?

Too Many Tabs Open

To some of us, it may feel like we are super organised and make sure we don’t miss something but, in fact, having this much going on at once on our screen limiting our ability to succeed?

With attention spans getting smaller by the day and stress levels going through the roof – there is some consideration that having all your tabs open on your screen as your digital to-do list is actually inhibiting you from performing your best and stressing you out.

Top Reasons Why You May Be A Tab-Aholic;

It Makes Me Work More Efficiently And Faster:

Well, there is a fundamental floor with this argument already. Having lots of tabs open on your computer actually makes your computer slower AND if you ever get the dreaded shutdown – you could end up losing what you have been working on.

In fact having that many tabs open often leaves you getting distracted by something flashing up on another tab (we all know you can get desktop WhatsApp now) and therefore end up not completing a task you were already doing

Top Tip Number One:

Turn WhatsApp off. Fact. Set yourself allocated times you will check it in the day – no-one needs to be online all the time!

Make a rule that if you are working on something that you only open tabs related to that task. Maximum of three.

3 simple steps tab free

I am Multi-Tasking and being More Productive:

Hmmmn. When you are jumping from tab to tab your brain is releasing dopamine receptors that are giving you the illusion that you are being more productive. Having multiple tabs open isn’t making you more productive, it’s actually just making you scatterbrained, thus decreasing your ability to remember any single piece of information.

You are effectively are making yourself believe you are being more productive than you are when in fact your are completing small bits of each task yet convincing yourself you are doing more.

Dozens of open tabs signify either procrastination on a truly epic scale or a chronic inability to focus on an immediate task at hand. Either way, it’s not the sign of someone working efficiently.

Top Tip Number Two:

Bring out the old faithful to do list. Set the task and the associated to-dos for that task and prioritise as you go through. If a pen and paper are too pre-historic for you there are some amazing online to do lists such as Wunderlist and Trello where you can work through your to do’s and set reminders to your phone and email.

I Get Stressed Out That I Will Forget Something:

Having lots of tabs open can make you too reliant on your memory rather than training yourself to be organised and tackle each day with a balanced approach.

The reason why this doesn’t work is if the dreaded RESTART or CRASH happens and your browser shuts down… what then. Your reliance on the tabs for your work and to do’s has now caused your stress levels to skyrocket. Thus coursing your body with stress hormones which will have a big impact on your body and frame of mind.

The memory is a wonderful thing and we need to rely on it more take us through the day. Plan effectively, execute accordingly and you will be able to approach each task with the energy required.

Top Tip Number Three:

Keep balanced at work. Work out your priorities for the day. You know the things you have to do by x time, the deadlines and then the other day to day bits. Once you start doing this you will begin a routine of being able to prioritise and tackle each task with 100% effort as it comes.

You can do anything not everything


  • Be kind to yourself, your computer and your stress levels and kill those tabs.
  • Plan effectively
  • Prioritise like a boss
  • Rely on that beautiful mind of yours to keep your day ordered

 You work hard, try to be at the best of your game, spend extra time reading/ learning/ researching, get celebrated for successes but still feel like you are a fraud? Fooling everyone around you? Having no faith that your decisions and convictions mean anything? You may have Imposter Syndrome.

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