Today’s Workout: Fasted HIIT Workout

HIIT is a big craze right now – but in reality I don’t think it gets all the credit it is worth!

HIIT is effectively completed in 25 minutes by pushing yourself to your max in intervals. I personally mix my HIIT based on how my knees are feeling. In general the running machine can be a pain on the old joints and sometimes I can really feel it there if I go to hard.

HIIT Workout

5 mins warm up and walking pace

1 minute – 16kmph 

30 seconds – PAUSED

and repeat this until you have completed it for 20mins

Follow this with a 5 minute cool down

(If you, like me, ever find that the treadmill is just too hard on those knees or hips – try the elipitcal machine or bike and practise the same routine using the settings on the bike)

I have been doing HIIT for a few years but recently have been practising Fasted HIIT – effectively eating after my workout rather than before. My logic behind this is that the body will draw it energy straight from my resources rather than topping up before they are empty. Sleeping doesn’t really use that much energy – therefore all my gorgeous energy from my dinner the night before is still ready to be used.

The effects of doing fasted cardio have also made a change visually. Now I am no model – so please be forgiving while I share these photos


I see that my abs are starting to grow stronger. I see a firmer and more toned stomach starting to appear.

The strength allows me to see how the HIIT is allowing my abs to grow stronger while beginning to break down the fat that sits on top of them. I have only been doing this for 6 weeks – so imagine what the future possibilities could be.

I am feeling more confident and comfortable in my skin each day goes on – which really gives me the boost I need. Having just celebrated my birthday I can feel this smile is going to last…

Pusey and I

If you make one change to your morning routine – Make fasted HIIT it!

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