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Life is full of hard decisions.

When a big decision comes around it can leave us paralysed with what to do when weighing out the outcomes.

Indecision, sometimes, can be as hard as making the decision itself. It can leave you riddled with anxiety and immovable with moving forward.

Speaking from my own experience, I personally do not like change. In fact, I am often resistant to it. I am guilty of asking for other people’s opinions rather than making my own. However, in hindsight I often find out that my initial gut feeling was the right one anyway.

I may not know all the answers but here is my way of dealing with coming to the right decision when times seem tough.

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How To Make Hard Decisions


Take time. If you feel people are pressuring you for an answer be firm and let them know you need time. I often find that sleeping on a decision allows you to digest and find your truth. Like with most things, a good night sleep can give you clarity and stop you from making a rash decision.

Weigh up the Pros and Cons of the decision

The good old pros and cons list is a fantastic weapon when coming to an answer when you are not sure. Instead of breaking down different factors into negatives and positives, break it down into your values, truths and ambitions.

Will it get you to where you need to be?

Will it bring you joy?

Will it be tough at first but give you reward?

Do not merely break things down into plus and minus as sometimes something which is tough in the long term can be more rewarding.

Hard decisions, cyncity, cyntra in the city, how to make hard decisions

Think passed the decision

Similar to the above, sometimes most people will only think about the near future but not long term. For example, one answer could cause a huge upheaval in your life, bring about change and be quite challenging but in 6 months time be the best decision you have ever made.

Think forward, remove your mind from the here and now, and truly try and take an umbrella view. You never know what you may see in the future.

Ask for advice from a Friend/ Family

Your friends and family are your trusted committee who know you best. They may be able to guide and support you through the decision making process and help you find your answer. Alternatively, you can sometimes find by hearing what someone else thinks reinforces your own opinion if you disagree with them…

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Trust your Gut feeling

Trust your gut. It is your second brain and is powerful for detecting your innermost voice. We all have had that moment when something doesn’t feel right…learn to trust it.

Whatever your decision is, remember, you can always change your mind. The wonderful thing about today is that we are in a dynamic society, which, is constantly metamophosing into something different. Nothing is forever, so know that even if it doesn’t work out, you can always take a new route.

Remember, life is going to be full of hard decisions, some we will make right, others wrong but always know that every decision you make you will learn from it.

Be the driver of your own life.

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