Easy Ways To Wake Up Early When You’re Not a Morning Person

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Rising early when you’re not an early riser

Have you ever had that class you would like to attend but seen it starts at 6am so immediately know it ain’t gonna happen?

Have you ever had heart palpitations as you know you need to get up early but that time of day just mentally doesn’t exist in your mind?

There are different kinds of people in this world – from the early bird who love an early morning to the night owl – but due to the way the world works life just doesn’t take these into account. Sometimes, we have to be pushed out of our natural rhythms due to a work commitment of a social engagement.

easy ways to wake up early, sunrise, waking up early, Cyntra in the city, cyncity, stress-free blogger

Early Bird or Night Owl

Of the two, I am an early bird and I am fully aware of how rising early when you’re not a natural early riser can be really daunting. Therefore, I thought I would share with you my tips to rising early and getting that early morning without the tiring consequences.

easy ways to wake up early, sunrise, waking up early, Cyntra in the city, cyncity, stress-free blogger

Get to bed early – You still need 8 hours!

I would recommend starting to do this a week or so before you need to as it’s not just that easy. Start by zoning out from technology about 2 hours before bed. The blue light stimulates our minds and prevents us from fully switching off. There are a number of apps you can use to reduce the blue light on your phone – for a comprehensive list check out this link.

Think like a child and have a relaxing bath and put on a bed time podcast (story). A warm drink or caffeine free tea often helps me. My favourite has always been Pukka Night Time Tea, which you can find in all local food stores.

Reading is also a fantastic way to wind down. Lose your mind into the depths of the pages and you will often find yourself nodding off. My preference is a hard copy over a phone/ kindle – as getting your eyes away from the technology is pivotal for winding down.

Read more about Pukka Herbs here

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A gentle and increasing alarm

You may think you will sleep through your alarm but if you choose an alarm, which starts gently and slowly increases, you will find you naturally start to awake from slumber.

You may be thinking… that ain’t gonna work for me! I used to live with a friend who’s alarm was loud enough to wake the street and she still slept through it. But try this and set a few alarms in increments of you think you may sleep through.

Arise slowly, wiggle your fingers and toes and smile. Works a treat.

Go and make a warm lemon water and sit by a window or go outside if it is warm – the natural light is what your body is craving.


Let’s be serious… I am human

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Circadian Rhythm

I have mentioned above my top tips, however, you do need to take into account your circadian rhythm. This rhythm is impacted by whether you’re an early bird or night owl as it will affect when you feel most alert and most drowsy through the day.

Therefore, bare in mind that it can be a lot harder to change when you are going against your natural groove.

Early morning are a part of life and I do hope that these little tips may give you something for the toolbox that will ease you into the morning next time you have an early start.

Early Morning, Cyntra Charlesworth, Cyncity, Cyntra in the city

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  • Reply
    November 26, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Any alarm clock recommendations?! Mine sucks !

    • Reply
      Cyntra Charlesworth
      November 26, 2018 at 7:01 pm

      I find ‘sunny’ which comes on the iPhone one of the best. It’s not too aggressive.
      I tried using a song which I liked once but ended up not only resenting it but writing off that artist completely.
      There are some really good sleep apps which have good wake up sounds. Depends what you’re into.

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