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How To Hygge Signe Johanssen

 How to Hygge!

Do you know How to Hygge? – pronounced “huugha” is the be new buzz word or hashtag of 2017. Coming from the Danish word which translates to ‘cosiness’ books have been popping up in January 2017 lists about the concept.

I first came across the idea when I picked up Signe Johansen book How to Hygge: The Secrets of Nordic Living where Signe walks us through her interpretation as a Scandinavian living in London.

Being a city girl and constantly having to balance work + play – the idea of introducing a little cosy in my life sounded right up my street!

I thought I would share with you the aspects of Hygge which resonated with me.

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Be kind to yourself

One of the first things that struck about the idea of ‘how to hygge’ is the positive angle it takes on living your life. The emphasis on living rather than restricting – i.e. the food and chill – differentiated the idea from other books that quite often tell you to start doing this and stop doing that.

Instead of joining the latest diet fad, or stressing your body in the gym or being too rigid – it explores doing what feels good for you in that moment. Being in tune with your body is very important and I think we could all use this in our lives.

The Great Outdoors How To Hygge

Get Outdoors

This may not sound so easy when you live in a city but there are a few ways you can trickle a little of the Great Outdoors in your day to day life! How to Hygge in the city can be done by taking a few little steps – here are my suggestions.

Walk to work View Outdoors Hygge Tree How to Hygge

Headphones in – Sunnies on – and get in those paces. Less stress on the tube or stuck in a traffic jam and as I always say ‘saving £££ and losing lbs’

Stroll with friends 

Meet friends on the weekend and go for Brunch and a stroll. Get your post brekkie coffee to go and head to your nearest park or flower market and peruse while you chat

Use your lunch break 

Get up from your desk and just get outside. The fresh air and getting your blood circulation will give you a burst of energy rather than just sitting all day.


Make time to chill

This is one of my resounding goals for the year -albeit – I haven’t yet mastered it. Making time to relax is very important in keeping your life balanced and for all around wellbeing. If you are not sure how to start put chill time into practise – here are my top tips.

Set diary invites for you time

Put time in your diary 2-3 times a week (seems like a lot but will pay off) that is dedicated to YOU time or just relaxing. This could be reading a book, learning a new skill, catching up on your favourite box set or just doing whatever makes you feel happy. If you don’t pay yourself with time firsView Outdoors Hygge Tree How to Hygge Abigail Charleswortht – no-one else is going to do it for you.

It is ok to say NO

Linked to the point above. If you feel guilt of saying NO it is time you start to put it in to practise. Your time and energy is precious and if you spread yourself top thin then you can help no-one. Learn to say no to certain situations in order to give your all in other situations

Be kind to yourself

It’s ok to CHILL!


Buy some candles



Say Yes to Coffee and Butter

This point I liked. We are all guilty to saying No to certain tasty treats but as long as its not all the time it is great to say Yes!

Sure, we cannot live on butter and coffee alone but don’t beat yourself up over enjoying a little sweet treat here and there.

 View Outdoors Hygge Tree How to Hygge, How to Hygge

Want to know how you can also Hygge?

Pick up one of these books and see how you can apply this Scandi principle of cosiness to your day-to-day life.



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