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procrastinate /prə(ʊ)ˈkrastɪneɪt/

delay or postpone action; put off doing something.

Procrastinating, to procrastinate, to effectively delay yourself from reaching your goals through the fine art of laziness. We are all guilty of it. We set a goal and say to yourself ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ or ‘I’ll start on Monday’ or ‘when I get paid’.

These are all genuine reasons but over time are they preventing you from actually reaching the things in life you want?

I have procrastinated over a ton of things in my life but with the New Year settling in I have taken action to really look at the things that I want. I set out how I want to achieve them and these are the tactics I have found which have truly helped me to reach my goals over the last year.

Check them out;

1: Micro Goals

Setting micro, bite size and achievable goals are often better than setting over arching goals such as Lose Weight, Make More Money or Travel More. Instead, small micro steps such as; walk 10,000 steps a day, only by 3 store bought coffees per week or save 10% of my wage toward my next holiday.

Small micro-goals make smaller but significant steps closer to the over arching goal which at the time may seem un attainable and thus makes you procrastinate toward doing the daily tasks to get you there.

There are loads of useful resources out there to help you set goals. Stores like Kikki-k Goals/ Dream books or ASOS Best Me For Life Journal.

2: Reasons Why

I touch on this in my article on how to deal with a change in lifestyle and I think it is just as relevant here. Knowing your reasons why is always fundamental when making any changes. Your ‘why’ is your motivation, it is your catalyst for change.

By keeping the WHY in mind it will help you get off your butt and start making that change.

3: Think About the End Goal

Think about the end goal – think about that feeling. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Does it make you feel good?

Use that feeling as your motivation to make change.

Feeling confident and sexy in a bikini on the beach? Think about that when changing your eating habits! Waking up on beach/ top of a mountain/ incredible new country? Think about that when you’re spending your wages.

If you think forward and reflect backwards you can start to give you the motivation to stop procrastinating and get the wheels in motion.

Procrastinator, cyncity, Cyntra in the city, Cyntra charllesworth, stress free blogger

4: Just Do It

At the end of the day being a procrastinator comes down to you. You wanna get something done – just do it.

Good things come to those who do something about it. Things, unless you’re super lucky, don’t just happen, you make it happen.

You can write every list in the world, promise yourself you will start tomorrow, make all the pledges to take action but if you don’t just do it – you’re still procrastinating.

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