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These last two weeks I have been moved from my home in London to the north of the country to the wonderful city of Manchester. Living in a hotel I am away from all my creature comforts, my kitchen and my gym. Working in the modern world – schedules change. We have to be prepared to adapt our lifestyle to meet these changes.


I am going to give a little guide to working away from home and tips on how to change your lifestyle to adapt but still keeping in control of your healthy lifestyle:

  • Hotel Gym – When you are booking your hotel try and always go for a hotel with a gym in. Even if you can’t get all of the equipment in your usual workout routine there is nearly always a running machine and a couple of free weights…mix it up – the body will adapt to change and it could give you a refreshing change from your usual routine

Fitness Suite

  • Walking – It is our blessing to have legs to walk with and this form of exercise will keep the pounds off and keep you healthy while working away from home. Find the route from your hotel to work or make time in the evening to explore your surroundings. These extra steps will have huge benefits on your overall well-being. I often use it as my buffer from transitioning from duvet brain to work brain in the morning and my way of letting go in the evening.


  • Lunch Options – Keep it simple. Stick to what you know. I usually prepare all my own food so was quite a shock to have to constantly buy out. The majority of lunch outlets I think are the devil – lacing all their food with sugar, sauce and well s**t. Google healthy options – find pop ups, locally sourced food and food with soul. I was lucky enough to stumble on a soup bar that makes everything fresh, all locally sourced and in season. They have options from Value to Skinny, Veggie to Meat. There is an offer of soup and a salad which is perfect to cover the nice comfort of the warmth and my snack later in the afternoon.

soup and salad


  • Dining out – It comes with the territory of working away from home. Nights out with colleagues are frequent and most people have different tastes. Google the menu before you go – ask the waiter for advice – you can keep food wholesome and fun without compromising on the social side. I went to for dinner one evening – a Mexican place – absolutely oozing with food. Cut the fat and naughty calories by having a burrito in a bowl – all the flavour but cutting out the bits my body doesn’t need.


  • Home Cooked – When travelling away from home – get in touch with long lost friends or family friends. Use it as an opportunity to catch up and reminisce. If colleagues invite you around – go. The joys of a home cooked meal will banish any home sickness and put some good nutrients in your stomach. Winter is the season of the slow cooker: the hot pot and stew! Get as many of those veggies in as you can.



Travelling away from home is hard. Don’t let your standards slip. There are ways to make the changes adapt to you. Change is unavoidable embrace it.


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