Today’s London – Jackson and Rye…

Some close friends of mine have unfortunately had to up root and move back to Essex due to some annoying circumstances related to their house move…

In light of this we decided that we should commiserate their leave with a dinner out at the new Jackson and Rye restaurant. It was a “mixed bag” experience…


Nicolas and I arrived before our guests and were seated. Nicolas decided to jump in with a Bloody Mary – simple, delicious and well a Bloody Mary


I grew a little nibbly waiting for our guests so ordered the bar nuts – which were quite frankly disgusting…on the menu they were “pecans, cashews and peanuts” we received something that didn’t taste to dissimilar than sugar puffs…£3.50 wasted.


Our friends Rosie and Ben had arrived and we started chatting and reminiscing over past fun occasions and our beautiful friends wedding.

After about 10 minutes the waitress took our drink order (well half the tables – I think she thought Nicolas and I were done after our one drink?) we also ordered some calamari to share…crunchy and yummy – definitely try it


We then set to order. The menu is all-american food so “shrimp” “steak” and “fries” inter mixed with chowders, grills and burgers. The boys ordered “steak and eggs”. Nicolas ordered Medium Rare, and Ben ordered Rare. I choose the Market Fish which was Tuna steak – I choose Rare also. Finally Rosie decided on the Cod chowder.

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The ambiance was created by dim lighting, all american music and a speak easy interior. It made good lighting for a date to fuel a bit of romance. Who doesn’t love a bit of soft lighting…

However the service does not make for a good evening… Getting a drink was like trying to catch a fly Mr Miyagi style.

The food was nice, true to its american style and there was not any complaints – Rosie’s chowder was “delicious” the boys steaks turned out to be Bavette’s and my Tuna came served on a bed of delicious green beans.

Following our meals a kind chap visited our tables and let the boys sample the Rye Whiskeys – explaining all about them and letting us try and wee sip

Ben ordered a Rye while I ordered a hand dripped Guatemalan coffee. Not sure what was hand-dripped about it – ben said it tasted like kenco – but it wasn’t too bad so couldn’t complain.


Perhaps I need to visit Jackson + Rye for brunch rather than dinner. The experience was…well…fine but the service was lack lustre. Could I put this place in the list of “oh so pretentious” average diners…possibly but I will give it a second chance and try brunch

  Atmosphere: 4/5

Price: 3/5

Service 2/5

Food 3/5

Overall: 3/5

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