Todays London – Sushi Making Course

For my Christmas present – my beautiful beau Nicolas took us on a sushi making course with a Michelin Star Chef

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The Ichi Sushi & Sashimi Bar we went to was beautiful – it looked out on to Big Ben and we sipped latte’s as we waited for our course to begin.

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We were greeted by ladies dressed in kimono’s and were taken to our tables where we were offered edamame peas and sparkling sake cocktails (I wasn’t so sure as just turned 12pm but went for it)

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We were given little aprons and our own stations before our sushi chef began to teach. He threw us straight in there making our first vegetarian maki roll. We then continued to make salmon and avocado maki rolls. Moving on swiftly we were taught dragon rolls – deliciously covered in sesame seeds – which personally are my favourite!

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It was fun watching the people in the class master the art of the sushi roll. The rice was so sticky – and yes I ended up with most of it littered around me – and the rolling a delicate art…Nicolas and I persevered!


One of the highlights was dressing a dragon roll with fresh salmon then been given a BLOWTORCH to toast it to give it a delicious flavour – my god it was incredible!

We finally completed the hand roll – which to my delight we were told to stuff with as much fresh salmon as possible! Delicious!

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We placed our sushi on trays (you decide who’s design is better) and then the best bit…we got to eat it all!


We were brought fresh tuna and salmon sashimi (personally my favourite) served with fresh wasabi – still blows your mouth to new levels.

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Once we were sufficiently stuffed – poor effort on both our parts – we tweezed all the last bits of fresh salmon and went for a walk along the south bank to ease our bellys…

Definitely recommend!

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