Today’s London – Sticks and sushi – Covent Garden

It was my two year anniversary this weekend so we ventured out on the hunt for new restaurants in London to celebrate the occasion.

We stumbled across sticks n sushi – and what a fantastic stumble it was!

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Sticks n Sushi is a Danish restaurant. It is sleek, with the perfectly designed interior which gives it a very Scandinavian feel. The black interior is stylish and works perfectly with the sushi dining experience. It is set on Henrietta Street in Covent Garden and is the perfect escape from the buzz from the square!

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The menu is perfect for both sushi and non sushi lovers as they also provide sticks which are ordained with delicious meat and vegetable delights. Nicolas and I are anything BUT sushi lovers – so let the banquet begin!

We started off with a bottle of bubbles which our delightful waiter Adres T served us – (perfect waiter) all the staff were especially friendly, welcoming and looked after all our needs – including me being a little fuss pot and getting our table changed 🙂

We started off our evening with Spicy Edamame, Maguro Tataki and Ebi Bites. Delicious, crisp and served to perfect – every bite was heaven

 13 Spicy Edamame

10Maguro Tataki – (the sauce for this is to die for)12

Ebi Bites

Following our starters – we then delved into some sushi and some sticks.

I am – unfortunately very allergic to avocado – which by the looks of the menu was going to prove a problem – however the lovely Adres overheard me saying this and let me know that the chef will make any sushi I want without it in – as it is all made fresh to order – now that was FABULOUS!

So we went on to order Hells Kitchen rolls, Soft Shell Crab in rice paper and Goats cheese with dried ham.


Hells Kitchen Rolls and Soft Shell Crab


Goats Cheese and Dried ham

The sushi rolls were incredible. Perfectly crafted and each bite full of flavour. The Goats cheese was an ordering mistake on our part – it just didn’t go!

Finally as our night drew to the end… we were presented with a little gift from Sushi and Sticks. Andres T had over heard us toasting our 2 year anniversary and presented us with this beautiful sweet present as a gift…


It was a Marcel Chocolate Cake

It was chocolatey, crispy, popping and delicious and definitely left both of us with a sweet souvenir taste in our mouths.

Atmosphere: 4/5, Food 5/5, Price 4/5, Experience 4/5 – absolutely perfect for dates and intimate dinners with friends

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