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Do you check your Ingredients?

Do you check your Ingredients? Answer majority is usually Yes


Do you check your ingredients in your Beauty Products? This often leads to a few less in agreement.

Green for All Seasons is hosting a series of events to investigate, educate and discuss the importance of Clean and Organic living through in the products that we use on a daily basis.

First in the series was to discuss Organica and Clean Beauty. In attendance were a  panel of experts to discuss Wellness and How your beauty regime is a key player when talking about holistic Wellness.

Victoria- Anne founder of Green for All Seasons opened the session by calling out some harrowing facts.

11% of the 10,500 products approved by the FDA have actually been tested for safety”

“2000 new chemicals are registered daily in the US to be used in beauty products”

“An average woman uses 12 personal care items a day…exposing yourself to 168 chemicals daily”

We often spend time making sure the food we put inside us if of the top standard but may forget to check the finer print when it comes to our beauty regime. We went on to discuss the importance of skin and how we can make small and simple changes to thrive and seek wellness holistically in our day to day routines.

Looking after your wellness and well-being is a holistic action. It is all about living without extremes and operating in a balanced way. We often hear the remark that you can’t live a healthy life if you smash hours in the gym but fill your fridge full of processed food. We check labels, search for organic food, are on a quest to reduce sugar and fighting against the big companies to be honest with us yet we seem to be missing out on some crucial items that we put on our skin everyday.

Victoria-anne opened up her questioning to the expert panel – Here is what the experts had to say

The panel started with Tanya Hawkes from Therapi. Tanya was a bee keeper and found her passion for skincare and bee-keeping and combined these to create her product line.

“Honey is Nature’s liquid gold, a precious elixir containing the nutritious nectar and therapeutic essences of a thousand flowers in just a single drop. Our certified organic products combine honey with active botanical extracts in exceptionally pure and gentle formulations, using cold-pressed organic oils and nourishing plant butters to keep your skin looking beautifully radiant and healthy day after day” 

She expressed Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food as she handed around a shot glass filled with Therapi toner which we proceeded to sip. One should not put anything on their face which one would not put in their mouth.

Tanya’s top skin tips: Radiate with Wellbeing: Balance Work, Love, Exercise. Secondly use Japanese Konjac Sponge and Honey Gel Cleanser to clean the face leaving your skin soft and hydrated.


Next to discuss Clean Beauty was creator and founder of Twelve Beauty: Pedro Catalá

Pedro started as a pharmacist and through his passion created Twelve beauty. Pedro used his extensive research and knowledge of plant extracts to develop and create TWELVE BEAUTY, his revolutionary range of nine skin care products which are highly suitable for various concerns, especially stressed, sensitive and reactive (allergy-prone) skin.

His values revolved around: Simplicity.

He expressed how you should keep it simple with only a few products that your skin likes. There is no need to own a whole range of products. Find something that works and keep to the basics.

TWELVE Beauty range is a divine and has a simple yet sophisticated branding. Using powerful anti-oxidants and beautiful elixirs – his products are recommended by experts. You can find him online or at Content Beauty in Marylebone.

Pedro’s top skin tips: Don’t be stressed. Relax – and be happy and your skin will Glow

Next on the panel Natalie and Marie from Aevi

They are the ladies behind a beautiful Wellness Box (see above). Filled with gorgeous products which are natural and good for your skin.

Marie was very passionate about Wellness. She and Natalie created the boxes having both suffered from skin problems caused by high street products.

Look after your heart, mind and skin
You have to be the healthiest version of you

This echoed the feeling of the day where it was not about forcing you to take on certain products but find something kind and natural for your skin in order to flourish.

Aevi’s top skin tips: Stay Hydrated, Eat foods high in Vitamin E (nuts, avocados) Exfoliate – all over

Finally we moved to our last panelist Sjaniel Turrell from Chemistry of Wellness

A nutritional therapist and holistic make up artist she spoke of the importance of making sure your products are a reflection of health and not chemicals.

She gave us a live demonstration on Chessie King and showed us products that will make you glow without putting harmful chemicals on your skin.

If you are un-sure where to go with making your make-up more natural and kind to your skin you can book consultations with Sjaniel Turrell here

The day was rounded off with some light refreshments and divine teas provided by Pukka Tea and Charlotte Pukka discussed with us their new Turmeric range and the power of healing herbs such as Matcha and Turmeric. Their new Turmeric range is in store now.

Join the turmeric revolution.

Turmeric Revolution

Caring about your skin from the outside in can really make a change to your overall well-being. From a mental health point of view: when you feel and look tired it can often bring you down. You may eat all the right foods and hit the gym but if you expose your skin to the wrong and harmful products you can lose your radiant glow and be left feeling dreary and washed out.

Don’t feel you have to go to your cupboards and throw everything out, this should be a transition. Start by reading the labels, asking the questions and sourcing the right products.

The Soil Association has a list of products which have been certified clean and organic to start your education here.

Check out some of the Chemicals to look out for and where you will find them!

Love the skin you’re in

If you have any questions surrounding clean beauty or any other questions raised in this article please feel free to comment below and I will get back to you or put you in contact with the right people

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