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Q&A with Pollen + Grace

Making lunches can be so difficult when you are trying to eat healthy. Sometimes you open your lunch box and you have a bit of kale and quinoa looking up at you and you start to feel slightly depressed…
Well let me introduce you to Pollen + Grace this beautiful little company that serves gluten free, dairy free and free from refined sugar beautiful lunches to keep our stomachs happy and full of flavour.
I wanted to find out more about this wonderful company so I met with Steph the founder to have a Q&A
1) How was Pollen + Grace born – where did the idea come from?
Pollen + Grace came foremost from a love and passion for cooking healthy, delicious food but secondly from the frustration of never being able to find a healthy, free from lunch option when working in London and having to prepare lunch each night. 
2) What makes you passionate about Pollen + Grace, did you start by eating that way and became a passion…?
Pollen + Grace was such a huge risk to take, but it was something I(Steph) had to do as I felt it was what I was meant to do. I started eating this way due to gluten and dairy intolerances, then learnt how exciting it was to make delicious options that actually made you feel good. 
3) Who was your first customer?
Our first customer was the brand events office, but our first customer who found us without being a friend was Amanda Cauldwell – she would order 3 lunches a day from us, one for her lunch then two for dinner (one for her and one for her daughter)!
4) Where was your first pop up?
The Old Street pop up has actually been our first, but we definitely plan on doing more now!
5) Where are you based – how big is your team?
Our kitchen/office is based in clapham junction and we have a full time team of 6 now – 3 office and 3 kitchen!
6) What is your favourite product?
This one’s easy, definitely our paleo banana bread, it’s delicious!
7) If you could give people one piece of health advice – what would it be?
Focus on eating delicious wholesome food that makes you feel great, but learn that it’s also about balance – if you want the ice cream, eat the ice cream! 
If you have a bit of time at lunchtime and you are near Old Street Station you must pop on down and meet the lovely Steph and try out her delicious food.
If not check out their beautiful website over at Pollen + Grace

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