Today’s London – Bonfire Night 2013

Bonfire Night in the UK is one of the most exciting gatherings of the year. People wrap up in their warmest knits, comfiest wellies, scarves, gloves and the piece de resistance a woolly hat! I have celebrated it since a child where families would congregate in fields where their local councils put on a visual delight for all the family. Lambeth Council put on a treat in Brockwell Park last night!

Bonfire night in the UK celebrates the foiling of Guy Fawkes gun powder plot to blow up the houses of parliament. Usually it involves fireworks and a bonfire where children create a guy to go on top of the fire (a bit barbaric) but a family fun night.

The atmosphere in Brixton/Herne hill was intense with more people in view than a festival. Laughter, shouting, moving and dancing.


As we arrived at the entrance – the crowds were squeezed into the beautiful park which was lit up with fair ground rides and sounds of classic tunes. A sea of heads were in front of me but by the looks of it the park was full of English revelers celebrating the Historic Guy Fawkes Night.

The countdown began 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 BOOM!


There were two sets of fireworks firing, banging, swirling and glittering in the air


Heart shapes, smiley faces and all kinds of shapes


ooohhhhs….aaahhhhhss….wwwooooowwwww filled the air


Bangs, pops and whizzes tripped over each other to reach bigger and brighter results


Everyone was filled with a warmth that kept this exceedingly cool night worth the trip


Thank you Lambeth Council! Till next year xxx

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