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Tips For Visiting The US In Fall 2021

During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, nobody was able to travel unless it was absolutely necessary. While that is no longer the case, the pandemic rages on – so traveling, however open, is still a different experience to what it used to be. If you have been dying to take a vacation since the pandemic began, now’s your chance to travel the world – but bear in mind, you will need to take extra measures to ensure your safety.

One hugely popular vacation spot is, of course, the United States. If you’re from outside the US and have always dreamt of visiting the land of red, white and blue, now’s your chance. The US is now allowing travel from the UK and many other countries around the world!

In this post, you’ll find tips for visiting the US in fall 2021 – including where to go, things to do, and what you’ll need to ensure you are complying with COVID-19 regulations.

Tips For Visiting The US In Fall 2021  

The United States has been one of the most efficient countries in terms of vaccinating its population. Over half of the country is now fully vaccinated, while another hundred million have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. On the back of this success, the USA is now open for business: stores, restaurants, theme parks and concerts are now all going ahead as before.

However, when you are traveling from the US from outside the border, there are still regulations in place. Red-listed countries include Iran, Brazil and China. The UK has just been removed from the red list, allowing UK citizens to travel to and from the US as long as they are compliant with the waiver programme

What do I need to enter the US?

To enter the US, proof of vaccination is helpful but not essential. You will also need evidence of a negative COVID-19 test that was taken no more than three days before your departure. This will ensure that the risk of someone infected with COVID-19 entering the US is lowered. 

Some events and venues require proof of vaccination and even an additional test, so make sure you always read up on individual establishments’ regulations before you attend an event there. 

Tips For Visiting The US In Fall 2021

States To Visit In Fall

If you are planning a trip to the US but aren’t sure where to go, it could feel a little overwhelming! After all, America is an enormous place, and with fifty states to choose from, it’s hard to know where to even begin.

Tips For Visiting The US In Fall 2021

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular states to visit during the fall months!

  • Connecticut.

Connecticut is a beautiful state, home to leafy small towns, beautiful old buildings, and even the world-renowned University of Yale. In Connecticut, you will be able to walk the streets and see beautiful yellow, orange and red leaves in the fall; in addition, you can visit the Mystic Aquarium for stunning beluga whale exhibits. For quiet indoor family fun and picturesque views, Connecticut is the state for you.

Tips For Visiting The US In Fall 2021

  • New York.

What’s a trip to the US without stopping by the Big Apple? New York is a beauty in the fall; Central Park cools down, going from a baked picnic spot to an idyllic locale for a romantic stroll among the leaves. Be careful: NYC can get chilly pretty fast, so make sure to wrap up in your most fashionable coat and hat before you hit the town!

Tips For Visiting The US In Fall 2021

If the weather is poor, don’t worry – there’s more than enough to do indoors. Visit the world famous Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) or the Guggenheim Museum for a touch of culture, or dine at the Odeon for celebrity sightings and a beef burger you’ll never forget.

  • Maryland.

Maryland is home to the United States capital city, Washington D.C. If you have never visited America before, this city is a must. The White House is a stunning enough building to feast your eyes on, but that’s not all! See a show at the iconic Kennedy Center or take a walk through Meridian Hill Park. 

Tips For Visiting The US In Fall 2021

There’s much to do and see in Washington DC, but if you feel like going off the beaten track, Maryland has much to offer outside of this prestigious city. The historic Chesapeake Bay has much to offer, including boat rides and some of the most delicious seafood you’ll ever eat.

  • Oregon.

If you’re heading to the West Coast, why not give Oregon a try? Oregon is situated in the North West of the US, and is known as the Beaver State among locals! Crater Lake National Park in Southern Oregon is home to bears, porcupines, elk and coyotes, to name but a few of its incredible animals! If you want an outdoorsy adventure this fall, Crater Lake should be on your list.

Tips For Visiting The US In Fall 2021

If you want a city break, Portland is the place to go. Portland is known for its kooky array of attractions, from the Japanese Garden to a huge selection of coffee shops and bookstores. Portland has a European feel to it that so many visitors love, so check it out if you’re visiting the great State of Oregon.

  • Texas.

The great state of Texas spans 695,662 kilometres squared, so narrowing down its best bits is pretty challenging! Texas is home to the beautiful cities of Houston and Austin, where you can eat some of the US’ most varied cuisines and visit the coolest music venues you’ve ever seen. If you want a rural vacation this fall, you can visit one of Texas’ most idyllic small towns, or take a ranch vacation where you’ll go horseback riding and cattle herding with real life cowboys.

Final thoughts…

If you are considering visiting America this fall, why not use this guide to help you decide where to go and what to do! Make sure you have considered all COVID-19 regulations before you travel and keep your vaccination information with you at all times. Enjoy all the US has to offer, no matter where you decide to go!

Tips For Visiting The US In Fall 2021

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