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Eat Yourself Young – Elizabeth Peyton-Jones

If someone told you that you could make some small changes to your life that would make you look and feel younger, rejuvenated and alive… Would you not jump at the chance?

Do you sometimes find you start on a “health food quest” only to give up because you cannot be bothered?

Do you wake up everyday feeling like your head is in a bit of a fuzz, your hair is lifeless and your skin is dull – and then seek help through a pill or a coffee?

Does this sound like you?
I will be honest and I can put my hand up!

If you are ready to make a change then I think it is about time you went and read Eat Yourself Young
and Cook Yourself Young by Elizabeth Peyton-Jones

I discovered this book while researching how what happens in the gut affects the entire body. I was then fortunate to find myself attending a talk with Elizabeth, where I was able to hear first hand, how making small changes to how you nourish your body can really change how you look and feel.

Here is what happened when I met Elizabeth…

Elizabeth  (a natrupath and Master Herbalist) explained how 70-80% of the problems she treats with her clients is solved by a change of diet. Not a special pill, not cream, not voodoo… just food.

(at this point my ears truly pricked up)

She went on to explain that people have now become emotionally involved with food rather than just eating for nutrition. “When you become emotionally attached to food, you can’t make good decisions” – what she is referring to here is that morning coffee that has to be part of your routine… rather than waking up and identifying why you are tired you are associating a feeling with it. This goes for chocolate or other the sugary snacks you see as a “pick me up” in the afternoon in the office. She went on to explain “if it is emotional, it is addictive and it is not good for you” Instead of thinking about food as merely a means to a nourishing ends we are associating an emotion which is not beneficial.

(Interesting… Guilty!)

Elizabeth continued to explain what is making us old:

  1. Acidity
    2. Inflammation
          3. Digestive Problems 
                 4. Oxidation
                        5. Hormones

Each one of these is highlighted in her book and explains how they are affecting your bodies youthing abilities.

She went on to explain how our body sends signal to us – most of which we ignore or we medicate rather than dealing with the issue head on. All of us at some point will be affected by the 5 issues listed above. In what way and to what degree is all personal.

She went on to explain the top 3 to really focus on if you want reach your full potential


When the body is acidic your body is not happy. Like fish, our bodies happiest state is at alkaline. The foods which are acid-forming in our body are: Meat, Dairy, Alcohol, Caffeine and Sugar – no surprises there really.
Our body draws on our natural minerals to alkalise these – thus pulling minerals from our teeth, hair, nails and bones.
This leads us to looking and feeling lifeless…

So what does Elizabeth say the top 3 things you can start doing to change this:
+ Lemon and Water 
+ Green Juices (try and go no fruit)
+ A plate of vegetables everyday

In her book she goes on to tell you how to cook to draw the most nutrition from vegetables and how to affectively alkalise your body without feeling like you are giving up the things you love. Simple changes to make a glowing you!


Inflammation is when your body swells to warn you. This could be in your mouth from allergies all the way down to your stomach. The latter is the harder one to identify. When your body has an allergy you may not even notice – there are subtle signs such as sniffing or coughing after/ during a meal, bloated-ness, and other little signs which we as humans so cleverly ignore.

In her book she gives a list of ailments and potential causes. If you think you have an allergy (or maybe you have no idea) it is definitely worth a look.

Tricks for dealing with Inflammation are: Ginger and Tumeric
She went on to explain that anything labelled with “itus” is an inflammation… e.g. tonsillitis
Which can be treated by alkalising the body and introducing these anti-inflamatory foods rather than guzzling down anti-biotics or other pharmaceutical drugs


Protecting yourself from the free-radicals. Making sure your diet is rich in anti-oxidants to fight the daily interactions with free radicals which age our cells from the inside out.

I am not going to re-write the book but I would highly recommend you look this lady up. Her website EPJHealth provides a plethora of information to get you started on your quest to transform yourself into the most vibrant version of you!

Her book Eat Yourself Young has guides, plans and questionnaires to help you find out where you are.

Cook Yourself Young gives you the pillars and a host of recipes to get you started.

Are you fed up of feeling fine?
(Defined by Elizabeth)

F – fucked up
I – Insecure
N – Neurotic
E – Emotional

Then start by making those small steps to a more youthful you

I shall end this blog with the parting words from Elizabeth

“May you never be fine”

“May you reach your potential”

“May you eat yourself young”

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