Breakfast: Healthy on the Go

Travelling for work can sometimes be tricky while trying to follow your lifestyle rules. I don’t know about you but a lot of breakfast places I go to is the usual death by carbs or rush by sugar.

Many of us do our best to lead a healthy lifestyle but succumb to the poor choices available in most commuter stations.

I have been doing a bit of research and about the most important meal of the day and have tracked down my favourite healthy breakfasts on the go from some well-known chains.

I have given a Lean Option and a Good carbs alternative.


fit'eggs spinach                  superseed supreme


Yes, you read this right – our favourite sushi chain! Well ITSU has now brought out a breakfast range that is full of delicious and healthy breakfasts.

You can choose from Supreme Superseded: a delicious and hearty bowl of seedy jumbo oats sweetened with agave to the lean options of Fit Eggs: Poached eggs in miso soup with tofu and spinach. This one is low carb and great for those who are on a low carb on training day.

These can all be found in many train stations throughout the UK. Pair with a big bottle of water and an americano and that right there is the perfect start to the day.



Pret is a great stop for brekkie – once you see past all the carb-loaded sandwiches, baguette and every other white based wheat loaded item on their shelves.
They have a 5 -Grain Porridge which is vegan and gluten-free. This means for those of you who dairy intolerant or wheat intolerant you can enjoy this with no risks.

Apart from that it gets a bit more difficult for a standard breakfast with Pret as most of their products come in a brioche or croissant but you can pull together a lean option by grabbing an Egg and Spinach pot and one of their fruit pots.

Pair this with a green juice and an Americano. Breakfast of champions.



The fastest train! On here they do have some good gluten-free options – if you ask.

Travelling First Class: Ask for gluten-free alternatives when they take your order – if you do not ask you will not get

Travelling standard: There are gluten-free packs available in the shop on board.

There is also a hummus and crudite option and occasionally fruit. It is nothing special but if you are in a rush and do not have the time it is available. They also have soy milk too for dairy-free alternatives.

Vega Protein: 

If I am getting up really early in the morning for a long trip I will quite often bring a protein shake with me. The delicious Vega Essentials Proteins from Vega can be mixed with water on the go and is so tasty and delicious snack that keeps you fuller for longer.

It’s tasty and completely Organic and Clean. This company really makes sure they go beyond to make sure that everything in their Proteins is Organic, Natural and Delicious.

Check them out online or Instagram for more info.


for work shouldn’t have to make poor food choices and see the pounds creep on. Careful planning and a little extra time to research you can maintain all your goals without having to spend much money or be unsatisfied.

What are your favourite places to grab brekkie on the go! Share with me as I would like to check it out.

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