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cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncityCafe Fleur

The weekend is here and it is time for Brunch!

I would say this is one of the most important meals of the week – up there with the Roast.

Well let me introduce to you Cafe Fleur, Wandsworth
198 St Ann’s Hill, London SW18 2RT

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncityCafe in Wandsworth

This beautiful little cafe is nestled just off Wandsworth High Street is the perfect little stop for a weekend brunch.

As you enter the cafe you are welcomed by warm and friendly staff and cute decorations which invite you in… ready for the treats ahead.

As we sat down we were welcomed by Lucy, the owner and manager of the cafe, who talked us through the menu.

We started with some smoothies to get the juices rolling…

Banana Espresso Smoothie

As a lover of coffee, I had the Banana Espresso Smoothie

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncity

Delicious and flavourful – a perfect way to start the meal

Clean Coconut Smoothie

My partner in crime went for the Clean Coconut

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncity

If I could devote a song… “so fresh and so clean”

We asked Lucy to recommend the best dishes on the menu…

Fleur Bubble & Squeak

We had The Fleur Bubble with a twist of salmon instead of bacon

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncity

Nothing better than a runny yolk…

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncity

Next, to delight, our senses were the Avo, Chilli and Feta on Toast…

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncity

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncity

There are no words to describe the beautiful mix of flavours. Bold, colourful and delicious – this is an absolute must when visiting.

Cafe Fleur Brunch Cyncity Review Cyntra Charlesworth

About Cafe Fleur

I chatted to Lucy further to find out the origins of the cafe…

It was first established in May 2013. Lucy was always fascinated by food from a young age. Growing up in a family where her father was a raw foodist, mum a veggie and brother a vegan – she learnt to use food in a different way to the usual “meat and two veg”.

She provides her customers with a variety of flavours from the typical “full English” to vegan pleasures to cater to every client.

She aims to cater to all her customers… so if you fancy a variation let her know… she is more than willing to help.

I asked her what she would recommend to any new customer “Fleur Bubble with a Ginger Tea… and if you’re still hungry the Clean Coconut Smoothie”

cafe fleur11

SouthWest London

If you are in South West London, this cafe is a must!

And for those who fancy a naughty brunch… Cafe Fleur are now stocking Organic Wine, Locally Crafted Beer and the old favourite Bloody Mary to start the day right!

Cyncity Review Cyntra Charlesworth Stress-free Blogger

We left Cafe Fleur with full bellies and big smiles and decided to walk off our meal walking back to Brixton.

Needless to say… When I saw the gorgeous Autumn Leaves I re-visited my 5-year-old self and ran around kicking leaves in pure joy!

5 stars for this cafe! Get involved!

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