Are you Snacking Sensibly

Are you snacking sensibly?

When the elevensies strikes or the 3 pm hunger kicks in… what is your go to?


Do you reach for sugar loaded “health” bars labelled as good for you but secretly stuffed to the brim in toxic sugar?

Have you ever thought about introducing seeds into your daily routine? 

I attended an event tucked in a studio in Shoreditch where I was introduced to 9bar


The bars taste so delicious and are handmade and loaded full of naturally gluten-free ingredients!

I sat down to hear a discussion on why seeds are so vital for the diet (albeit with a 9bar in each hand)

So why are seeds so good?

Seeds are nutrient-rich powerhouses an are the ultimate healthy “fast food”
Amazing Source of Protein
Contain Healthy Fats
Low in Carbohydrates
Great Source of Minerals and Vitamins
Help to avoid Cravings

Sounds great!

So what do these vitamins and minerals do to our bodies…

Magnesium –  essential for healthy muscle function
Zinc –
needed for immunity, healthy skin and fertility
Selenium –
required for normal production of thyroid hormones
Vitamin E –
acts as an anti-oxidant protecting against free radicals
Iron  – as good of a source as green veggies!

We went on to hear which seeds do what…

Sunflower seeds: For youthful skin
Pumpkin seeds: A gym essential
Flax seeds: A bad mood buster
Chia seeds: a hunger fighter
Hemp seeds: the energy booster


Need more convincing? Go and check out 9bar website and you can see their entire range of healthy snacks from breakfast on the go to the more indulgent treats. I have been running around with a couple in my handbag to help fight any hunger when on the run from work to home or if I am stuck in meetings!

These bars are a game changer to stop you from making bad decisions when hunger strikes.

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