Today’s Clean Meal: Cook Book Recommendations – pre-order

So here is my latest list of must-haves in the kitchen

Coming out May 7th The Detox Kitchen bible…the Detox Kitchen philosophy is all about: fresh, bright, delicious, and nutritious food that will leave you radiant with health. Use this as a guide to nourish and support your body

Where most diet books tell you to banish fat – this book revolutionises what we all think and know about staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight

This book is fantastic for those who have acquired some stubborn fat. The Magic Soup compiles soup recipes from all over the globe. In particular the main soup was developed in Mauritius and was given to new mothers to help shift baby weight! Definitely worth a read. Their beetroot soup is to die for

Also you should look into adding the following to your utensils in the kitchen

Best thing since sliced bread

All your soups and smoothies made easy! and portable! what every busy worker needs when keeping healthy

Happy Shopping

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