Today’s London: Walking Meditation

Walking is a powerful tool.

It is the most effective, stressfree and gentle way of exercising on a daily basis. One does not need a gym membership, sports wear or planning. All you need is your two feet and route in mind.

walking meditation

I often find when I walk I can sort all my problems or issues that are bothering me through a sense of meditation. I have never been one to sit and “ommm” so this form of mindfullness and meditation works wonders on cleansing my soul from any bothers of the day.

Our lives are so demanding everyday from our 24 hour culture: work, play, socialising, family, friends, stress, phones, social media, news… We all need to find time in our day to make sure we are balanced and calm.

The importance of reducing stress is above all the most important reason for a form of mediation. Stress makes us ill. It makes us react to situations not as we should. Its a killer.

With spring on the way and beach wear on the horizon – why not combine meditation and exercise to prep your body and your mind for Summer.

Select a calming playlist – I find Bonobo is an excellent choice – Select your route and Roam

Calm, Cardio, Stilness and Well-being

walking meditation 2


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