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Morning Motivation

We all have those weeks when the alarm for the gym goes off – and you hit snooze

You have a green smoothie for breakfast – and someone offers you a lunch out in a plush restaurant

You go tee total – and then it turns out to be your best mates birthday!

Motivation is a long term thing… there will be ups and downs in the long term plan… all you have to remember is that it is long term.


You must remember the days you have done well

Plan wisely: this allows you to stay motivated.

Set aside that time where you are going to catch up with all your favourite hobbies. Get in your gym gear first thing in the morning to remind yourself at some point your are going to have to go! Organise your food menu for the week. Do your weekly shop on a sunday and prep for the week ahead.





Keeping motivated is all about staying on top of your goals and re-organising them as day to day life gets in the way. Just because you didn’t achieve something today does not mean it cannot go on your to do list for tomorrow. 

And when all is said and done – allow yourself those moments when you can relax and have some well deserved r&r

Peace xx

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