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Work to Play Style
This category hosts all my style hacks to go from work to play without stress.
I’ll share my favourite athleisure brands with you. Athleisure is so stylish these days you really can wear it out and about. My favourite are styles you can do your morning yoga session in and head straight to brunch
Work style can be a bit of a minefield. Finding the right combination of style, practicality and presence. I hope my style shares showcase my favourite style tips to make life stress free when getting ready for work.

From hair, beauty, shoes and shirts – keeping my lifestyle stress free is key.
Running from work to play should not mean carrying a constant change of clothes and feeling like a bag lady. I’ll share my little tips for running from work to play with minimal stress and maximum impact!

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After work Blow Dry with Brooks+Brooks


Its Friday!
Finally…something to make you smile. Its the weekend. Its the night of the week when you can let your hair down (or blow-dryed into the perfect up do) and dance the night away.

You can touch up your make up in the work bathrooms but giving your hair a refresh is sometimes difficult. This is where the perfect salon to quickly give you the once over is the answer.

Based in Holborn Brooks+Brooks is the golden ticket.

They transformed my locks from drab to fab!

b11   hair

I was met by Kayleigh at the door who sat me down to go through my options. I was tired from a long day at work and welcomed a sit down and relax. Offered a coffee and a lil brownie to start my day was starting to get a little better.

We chatted about options, hair colour, hair condition and face shapes. Kayleigh suggested a couple of styles…

Heading out for cocktails and a banquet dinner we opted for a half up do.

Kayleigh was ab8 little camera shy so she stayed hidden

Hair Washed
Best Massage
Hair Treated
Hair Heated

and we were ready to get started!

b3  b4

First she tied knots to make an edgy braid. Playful yet tamed.


Then mermaid curls.

Kayleigh used a wand to create such magical waves. They set perfectly with the in salon products and lasted hours.

b1 b2 b6

Th finished style was in incredible. I had been transformed from the dreary end of work look to freshly made for a night with the girls.

Glamorous, Stylish and Chic: Brooks+Brooks Hairdressing is a must check out.

To book your appointment head to:

or call +442074058111

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Monochrome Mondays: Travel Style

1Style while Travelling

When you travel for work it can be quite difficult looking the part but also making sure you are being realistic with your outfit.
Commuting across london, getting to the airport, the plane journey and then finding your bearings the other side, you need to be prepared so you don’t turn up flustered, sore feet and a little disheveled.

Here is my guide for looking like a Girl Boss no matter the Time Zone.



Pack and plan the night before. I can’t emphasise how important this is. You will be calm, level headed and prepared. If you don’t you make up on the day stressed, tired, late and forget those key and important documents.

Keep all your travel documents in a slip together. Keep your toiletries in a plastic bag to save time and searching at the airport. Separate your work clothes from casual for a quick change. Bring something extra in case of delays.

If you are going to a business meeting in another country remember you may be asked out for dinner that evening so remember to pack an alternative outfit.




Trust me it is not a good idea to travel in heels. Rushing about even in the smallest heels can wreak havoc on your knees.
You may have to run for you plane, or make a long walk the other side, and you don’t want to be one holding your colleagues back. There is nothing worse than watching someone rush in heels.
Flat shoes don’t need to be the odd thing out on your outfit: edge up your corporate style while travelling.

These Nike Cortez are sleek, monochrome and stylish can be worn with a suit to give it a nonchalant edge of style while keeping you in a position where you’re ready for anything. You can even use those in the evening when exploring the new town you are in and racking up those 10,000 steps.


Don’t think outfits – Think Accessories.

How can you make the outfit you’re wearing look completely different? This helps you save on space in your suitcase. A different chunky necklace or a scarf can transform how an outfit looked.
Bring two tops and one set of trousers. Wear your hair-up and long earrings.
This trick is particularly great if you want to sacrifice space to bring your workout gear.

These trousers are my go-to whenever travelling as one day they are high waisted the next they are peg trousers with a sweater.

Workout Gear

Always chuck in a sports bra, leggings, swimsuit and top.

You never know after a long day your hotel may have a gym/ spa. You may even find a local yoga class and then head back for a sauna.

It’s better to be prepared than miss out.


Headphones, book, charger, healthy snacks, water and money.

You never know with travelling whether there will be a delay.
Don’t always rely on technology because when the power is gone – its gone.
Keep snacks on you in-case you don’t find a place to grab a bite, you don’t want to be the one with the growling stomach or low energy.


Travelling can take its toll on you. Tired, rushed, busy and stressed. If you can take the pressure off yourself in certain areas then you can focus on the job in hand.

What are your tricks for travelling? Would love to hear
Comment Below

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Workwear Favourites: Pastel Pink

I am loving Pastels as we move closer to spring.

I have never been a fan of the gray scale that working in The City/Office often leads you to wearing.

As a firm wearer of black – pairing a pastel colour just brings an outfit a splash of freshness.

Its feminine, smart, fresh and stylish.

Here are my Pastel favourites:
(Perfect for the office and post work catch ups)


adidas Stan Smith 
Cute, chic and feminine these sneakers can be slipped on to wear on your commute to work. If you work in a corporate office you can slip these under your desk until the end of day then slip them back on to casual up your business outfit if meeting friends after work.
Paired with black trousers or a cute dress you can transform your outfit without having to bring another bag of clothes.


Helene Berman Coat

This coat is perfect for keeping you warm while we transition to Spring. The fresh pastel pink brings elegance to your outfit while being very smart. You could use this to smarten up a more casual outfit if you’re heading to the theatre or out for dinner post work.

heelsheels 2

ASOS PROPELLOR Lace Up Pointed Heels

Just love these!

If you are anything like me and find that black is your go to colour – mixing in a pastel can really transform you.

A flash of lipstick, a spritz of a floral perfume and pastel accessory can add that femininity to a harsh black outfit.

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Big and Voluminous Hair: Tabitha James Kraan

“Hair thrives when it is Nurtured by Nature”
Wise words from Tabitha James Kraan the creator and passion behind the Organic and Sustainable Haircare range.

Bad Hair Day!

We all have busy lives running from gym to work to friends to parties! Last thing we need is a bad hair day!

Those hair days where all the volume is gone and but the ends are fluffy!
We get in from work and we want to head straight out but the lifeless mop on our heads is holding us back!
Not to mention that luck lustre smell from everything you have picked up throughout the day!


Hmmm “what about dry shampoo”
With most dry shampoo you will end up looking like you have dandruff or if you go for the “brown” one…dirty!

Well let me introduce to Tabitha James Kraan Dry shampoo and Hair Perfume


These beautiful products are completely Organic and Sustainable and SMELL ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!


I picked up the full set from her website including the hair cleanser, conditioner, hair oil, hair perfume and dry shampoo.
When the products arrived I quickly set out to use these products…

I parted my hair and gently sprinkled the dry shampoo along my parting and roots


I waited 30 seconds for the powder to do its power! Then blow-dryed my hair on a cool setting from side to side.

(insert instant volume pose)



Big, Bold, Luscious and full of Life.

I gave a couple of little spritz’s of the hair perfume and I was ready to go!

So many products on the market are full of nasty chemicals which seep into our blood-stream. The also get into the water and pollute the environment. Many products also strip all the natural oils from your hair which can result in nasty side effects such as dandruff, dry and frizzy hair or greasy hair. Tabitha’s product range is one of the purest, cleanest, most organic hair products possible that work in harmony with the hair and the scalp. Hair that is treated to the Tabitha James Kraan formula has natural shine and lustre, vibrant colour, smells amazing and stays looking good for days.

What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.

Making small changes to make sure your products are clean, environmentally friendly, organic and kind to your skin really make a holistic impact.

Wellbeing is about nourishing inside and out.

Make those small changes so you can look and feel fabulous

(and smell insane!)

Check out Tabitha’s full range at or visit her salon in the heart of the Cotwolds for the full treat!

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Changing Seasons Style

This Autumn I have a new addition to my Fall Wardrobe

Timberland 6″ Classic Boot

Timberlands 4

Timberland once known for being workman boots are now defined as a timeless Style staple.

They have an ability to give any style an air of nonchalance. Worn by Men and Women, these boots bring a certain look to an outfit while being applicable to a plethora of looks. Just take a glance at Cara Delivigne or Rihanna – effortlessly cool in their dress down wear – these boots bring the casual joggers and baggy top a type of definition which is hard to come across in any other boot.

Timberlands 3

Paired with jeans, skirts and dresses: the classic Timberland can really bring a degree of edge to your fall wardrobe while elongating your legs as the chunk of the boots brings a clear contrast in size to your pins.

As the nights draw in and the days become cooler layers will become a necessity.  A strong and stylish pair of boots will allow you to layer on those chunky knits without making yourself feel like you’ve given up style for practicality.


These boots are also great for those Winter walks through the beautiful parks to see how the seasons are changing.

I got mine from Footlocker who have the range of Timberland styles from Classic to the Glastonbury to the Sneaker Look

Encourage yourself to get outside and make sure you get out and enjoy what is left of the day in order to get those daily endorphins and limited amount of Vitamin D. Fitness is equally important in the Winter as it is in the Spring/Summer as Root vegetables come into season and the warmer drinks are the ones that seem more desirable.

timeberlands 5

How do you style your boots? What are your Winter essentials? I would love to hear! Comment below with your links to your pics! Or @ me on in instagram @cyntra,city

This post is in collaboration with footlocker but all opinions and style choices are my own. #approved

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Talking Health with Amanda Byram

Stylish, Fit, Beautiful: Let me introduce Amanda Byram

An Irish TV Host, she is  best known for shows such as: Total Wipeout, The Swan, Paradise Hotel, Sunday Brunch and The Big Breakfast.

On top of her TV accolades she is a pioneering role model for Positive Female Image and a Health and Fitness Blogger.

Stunning and Strong: Amanda is an amazing role model showing us ladies that at any age you can resonate your inner beauty.


Today I had the privilege of meeting Amanda and learning some health tricks from this gorgeous lady!


I am going to share them with you lucky readers…

Amanda started by sharing with us her journey to health starting off her early 20s to 30s – the story that is oh so familiar with many of us ladies out there… Thinking skinny = happy

As a model she sought for perfection. She thought skinny = healthy, skinny = happy, skinny = be all and end all.

This is the recurring message that seems to thrust upon all young girls much to our detriment.

She spent the majority of her 20s, and early 30s screwing up her metabolism by trying to be something she was not… as she put it “being thin is one thing, but being skinny when it is not your body type is a different thing altogether”. Years spent on popcorn, slim fast, over exercising and fat free items. . . thinking this would make her skinny and healthy.

I looked around the room – to multiple heads bobbing up and down – guilty!

Fed up with struggling with her body image she hit a point in her 30s when she decided to switch things around and get educated on food!

“We are just not as educated as we need to be”

She went on to explain that as a world we do not nourish ourselves right. We have silly notions that fat is bad for us, carbs are the devil and sugar seems to be popping its toxic head up everywhere!

“Good fats were good for me – they were helping me to lose weight”

Her relationship with food and good foods was changing. She re-educated and was reaping the benefits.

“Good carbs were good for me – no carbs before marbs is rubbish”
A giggle echoed around the room


Amanda went on to explain “Good fats, good protein, good carbs and good fibre… we need these things to exist”
You could hear the passion in her voice and it was infectious

“Physical health is one thing but mental health also needs to be important”

“So much pressure put on ourselves “to be the best girlfriend, mother, wife, career woman” “to do do do”

“we get so obsessed with being ‘on it’ we don’t see the wood for the trees and we end up miserable”

I could hear my inner voice saying “listen” and listen good – these pressure I put on myself and I think most modern women do too. We ignore what we truly need and ignore the most important fact that all round health starts with our choice of fuel!

So how did Amanda become a 9bar Ambassador?

Well, Amanda explained, her handbag is always full of nuts and seeds in – friends calling her the “nutty seed lady” – so when she was approached by a brand she was all to familiar with… she was more than happy to help spreading the seed sensation!

“You can’t be afraid to be the person who does things their way and eat things your way”

Her parting thought… not only left me smiling but also added a new word to my dictionary…

 SNACKERED? – do you starve yourself of breakfast, lunch, other items because you think its good?

you get so exhausted you reach for the cheap sugary options?! STOP!

So if you find yourself getting snackered? Reach for a 9bar!


9bar if you haven’t heard of them are delicious vegan and vegetarian seeded bars.
“Full of goodness to tied you over when you need a snack on the run. Every great‑tasting 9BAR is handmade using super seeds and other naturally high‑fibre, gluten-free ingredients. Packed full of protein, they’ll keep you fuller for longer than other snacks and help you to avoid empty calories.”


Today’s event was courtesy of 9bar, CCD PR and First Option Studio


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Autumn Loves Adidas Superstar Snake Skin

This autumn is all about animal print.

From subtle snakeskin, to faux fur, to a hint of leopard… getting out those animal prints to layer up has never been so current.

Keeping it subtle and chic is key to wearing animal print in a stylish yet sophisticated way.

I love a little print in my daily ensemble… making sure I am not bringing SCARY SPICE to the scene!

I am always looking for the perfect trainer which allows be to walk my commute with ease, still look stylish (you know the suits I mean who pair a tailored suit with all number of atrocities of footwear choices) and allow me to go from work to play without having to carry a change of clothes.

Well my newest kick haul has included the perfect trainer for this:  adidas Superstar snake sneaker bringing together my love of print with a smart casual style


These little beauties can be mixed in with your work outfit to give you a cool style to walk to work in and something you can hit the after-work drinks with while still maintaining effortless chic in your work clothes. Gone are the days of carrying two bags – one for your work garms and the other for the after.


The gold and textured pattern refashion these sneakers into a stylish shoe. Paired with some gold accessories and in a smart black ensemble, the sneaker becomes a smart casual addition to your outfit.

Think over sized blazers 

Image 1 of ASOS Longline Jacket with Skinny Lapel

Big Sunnies

To bring together the look

If you want to add more colour to your autumn style or check out the red version – Footlocker have stocked a whole range of these timeless kicks.

Make a statement with your style.

This post is in collaboration with footlocker but all opinions and style choices are my own. #approved

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Yes you! I am talking to you!

I want to hear YOU! I want to see YOU! I want to know what YOU think about my articles.

Your comments, thoughts and opinions are what keep me motivated. What you think about articles will really help me to know where to go with future posts.

If you read an article and have a thought or opinion please leave me feedback. I am giving you the power to let me know what you think. Negative or Positive – I want to hear from you.

So please… next time you stumble across something you like, dislike, or want to know more – please leave me a comment!

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Kicks to Clicks – Work-wear Style that protects your Greatest Assets

  IMG_3542[1]Hands up who wears heels to work?

High Heels are amazing! I have a whole bed (yes the one in the picture above) filled underneath from Choos to Louboutins, New Look to Asos. They elongate your legs, give your bottom an incredible work out and make you feel absolutely fabulous!


When you’re on the move throughout the day or have to travel for work like I do…High Heels can be a nightmare! They put a lot of strain on those knees or yours and your feet in general. Not to mention the stairs, escalators and cobbled streets you have to navigate on the way.

 No pain no gain?

I have heard this before… and believe me I can run 100m in 5inch heels just as fast as I can in trainers… but does this mean I am going to? Varying up your shoes throughout the day protects one of the most useful pair of assets we have – our legs.

When we were heels we change the pressure on our feet to just the balls and our delicate toe bones.

We change our natural walk to a sassy strut – but over a prolonged period of time this can damage our nerves

It shortens your calf muscles and over time this can make it painful when wearing flats

Knees – our natural shock absorbers get a hammering – which could lead to osteoporosis

Woah that sounds terrible!

Well its not all bad! There are some benefits to those sexy stilettos

They make you feel taller and slimmer and therefore can boost confidence on those days where you may feel a little low. This in turn will make you feel more at ease and less stressed. Thus reducing the amount of cortisol in your body… the stress hormone which is sometimes linked to weight gain!

Super sexy strong calf muscles

A general leg workout when wearing them

Moral of the story

So… going forward! When you get ready in the morning pack your heels in that hand bag of your and wear your kicks for the commute.


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Fall/Autumn in my Adidas ZX Flux Xeno

Back to life… back to reality!

Well not really but it is September and that means one thing for most of us… Summer is over and it is back to school, university and knuckling down for Financial Quarter 2 at work!

Now just because you are back to the grind you can start slacking on style!

Black is very much Back for this season! Yes yes yes I know I pretty much wear black all the time but this time I am funking it up with some sneaky flash style!

Black sneakers can often be a little bit boring… however… add some cool flash effect on the side and now you are talking my language!

I have been loving the new black sneaker range at Footlocker! In particular the Adidas ZX Flux Xeno range. The XENO transforms under bright direct lights, resulting in a exciting display of colour, not a million miles away from the sheen when light hits petroleum

   zeno 4

  There new ZX Flux range looks completely black to the naked eye – but once you shine a flash on it – the lines reflect right back at you!


It takes a normal sneaker and transforms it to an A/W15 must- have!

The ZX Flux black on black takes the reflector to a whole new level (below)


These are perfect for that unique look for any all black outfit. They are practical too if you fancy a late night run – as lights from cars will reflect off them!

Or if you are like me and are just sat taking thousands of picture lying upside down with your legs in the air with the lights off playing with the reflection…!


Stress Free Style

Puma Logo Street Style


Loving this Puma Logo Crew Neck Sweater




Chic, soft and stylish and can be paired perfectly with jeans or A-line skirt with sneakers.

This sweater is perfect when running from work to the gym or from the gym to friends. It can really ease your day if you can mix up your style to incorporate sports brands so you only need to carry one bag.

Hot to trot!

You can find this Puma Logo Sweater on ASOS or click here

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5 Beautiful Uses of Coconut Oil

Waking up to the beautiful smell of Coconut is a dream I thought I would only have when I was travelling in Asia. The transient smell that enlighten your senses and transports you to the Sunshine times…


Well you can experience this joy every morning by bringing Coconut Oil into your daily routine. 

It can be quite daunting making the change to an all natural product as we are bombarded by so many products every day with all the perfect tag lines to draw us in. Coconut oil is a product that does far more than what one of these products can. It can be used in your morning eggs and your morning moisturising routine… now that is quite a product.

Here is a list of how I use this delightful product

1) Moisturiser – Coconut oil makes a fantastic moisturiser. Scoop a couple of table spoons out of a jar and keep it in your room. Pick a pea sized amount out of your pot and rub between the fingers which will cause it to melt – the lightly apply to skin. A little goes a long way to make you glow and save your so much money on moisturiser. Coconut oil has a natural SPF so you will also be protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays


2) Breakfast – Eggs, eggs and eggs – I think my partner in crime would be very confused if I cooked our breakfast any other way. A little scoops with scrambled or fried ignites the flavour and fills your body full of those healthy fats that will keep you fuller for longer (thus maintaining or losing weight) put those good fats for your skin, hair, nails and cells into your body. Coconut oil is a saturated fat and therefore can be cooked at higher temperatures unlike Olive Oil or other vegetable oils

3) Shower Time – To keep my skin soft and supple – when I finish in the shower I lather my skin with coconut oil to keep the moisture in and prevent any fine lines. You can also create a natural scrub for in the shower… Combine Coconut Oil, Coffee Granules and Sugar and your have a beautiful smelling morning scrub which then leaves your body with a gorgeous layer of coconut oil to sink in and do its work.

4) Make-Up Remover – Mascara is one of the hardest items of make to remove from skin without pulling your eyes in different directions which can lead to fine line and wrinkles. Coconut oil seems to effortlessly dissolve the mascara and allows your to gently pull the smudge away leaving you with a fresh eye for the day.


5) General Stain Remover – I know right! My boyfriend bought me some gorgeous lily’s which got left for two days over the weekend… Those pesky little brown pods from the middle had dropped and had stained my white dressing table. I tried wiping with a cloth but seemed to spread the stain. One evening I was taking my make up and had one of those…”what if I…” moments. I wiped my Organic Cotton Padsover the stain – which lifted up and out of the table with ease and grace. The list is just endless.


How do you use yours?

There are many stores that sell coconut oil… but for the best make sure it is raw pressed, extra virgin and of course organic.

I get my coconut oils from;

 Lucy Bee – A family run company

and Vita Coco Coconut Oil

Check them both out – let me know your uses

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Today’s Outfit: New Adidas Kicks

My new kicks!

A perfect little gift from my mister to take me into Spring

stan smith 2


Adidas has mixed the ultimate street-style shoe with a touch of elegance to add to any chic look. Simple, Elegant and Practical

stan smith 3

Nicely priced at just of £60 – a welcome addition to any wardrobe

stan smith


Pick some of these little beauties up from Adidas


Stress Free Style

Today’s Outfit: Winter Work Wear

It is chilly up in Manchester!

The temperature has dropped and the need for all inches to be covered is very much my first priority!

Fortunately a purchase I made mid August this year from Monsoon has saved me from having to do my best impression of a snowman!


God bless Goose Down

You would have thought being wrapped from head to neck in my long locks, draped with my YSL scarf and held together with my Roxy headband would be enough to warm me up – this was not the case.


I had missed out warming my little toes and exposed ankles! For fear of frostbite I headed out to town and came back with these wee little booties! And between you and me these primarni boots (yes you heard right #Primark) have completed my winter warmer and I am ready to face the day.

Sleek, chic and sexy these thigh high boots finish off a jumper and skinny trouser office look


Add a little splash of colour to my all black ensemble – and I’m ready for work


Looking forward to indulging in this little gift later… thank you Hilton

Cannot wait to get back to my room for some night time reading: The Optimum Nutrition Bible – this book gives all the knowledge you need to get your cold bodies through this chilly Winter. It has taught me a variety of key information on Vitamins and Minerals and how these can play a huge part in keeping the body healthy and make your energy thrive… definitely a plus! Find it on amazon – definitely worth a read…