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Stress Free Style

Work to Play Style
This category hosts all my style hacks to go from work to play without stress.
I’ll share my favourite athleisure brands with you. Athleisure is so stylish these days you really can wear it out and about. My favourite are styles you can do your morning yoga session in and head straight to brunch
Work style can be a bit of a minefield. Finding the right combination of style, practicality and presence. I hope my style shares showcase my favourite style tips to make life stress free when getting ready for work.

From hair, beauty, shoes and shirts – keeping my lifestyle stress free is key.
Running from work to play should not mean carrying a constant change of clothes and feeling like a bag lady. I’ll share my little tips for running from work to play with minimal stress and maximum impact!

Stress Free Style

Roses are Red, A/W 2013 is Blue


This autumn and winter its time to dig deep and bring out those cool shades of blue.

Paired up with a high waisted black jean, slick white capri pants or some denim – Blue is a firm fixture till Christmas

Chanel has brought out a limited edition nail polish: Magic – perfect to accompany any shade of blue chosen.

Navy is the perfect tone…xxx


Stress Free Style

Today’s Outfit – Red, Black and a little Louboutin



Today’s Outfit: Jacket – Zara, Top – Oasis, Trousers H&M, Shoes H&M and Bag – Christian Louboutin

I awoke today feeling a little under the weather – mid summer and I have swollen glands – two days before I go on holiday too!

I wanted to work together an outfit that gave a fleck of colour while remaining within my comfort zone of Black. The bag is there purely for my own indulgence because what girl doesn’t love little bit of Louboutin red to brighten her day

Dark red lips are often left for winter but I think a nice deep Chanel Red can brighten any summer outfit to make it playful and feminine

Have a wonderful day

Cyntra x


Stress Free Style

Today’s Outfit – Little holiday lace


Packing for holidays requires a little thought – you need to take into consideration weather, culture, religion, day, evening, bugs, sun protection oh and of course…BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE! All off the above lead to the inevitable sitting on top of your suitcase to try and squeeze it shut – hoping it wont burst! Then realizing you’ve packed half a years worth of clothes in for a week and may be acting a little over zealous! It is key to have a holiday wardrobe – something you can mix up each year with some statement jewelry, hair piece or a splash of colour.


This little lace number – has successfully made it into the team – and I will tell you why. Even though it is lace is it modest – covering your arms and legs which protects from the sun at lunch and the cool in the poolside afternoon. It has a little je ne sais quoi that my boyfriend finds intriguing – perhaps its the lace…


The black is flattering and it loosely covers your curves – hiding the bits we all have when we sit down for lunch. If you holiday like me and you are in and out of the ocean and find it a chore to change into clothes in the middle of the days heat – this one is perfect

I found it in – it is so simple and chic and after a glass of wine and a bit of Kiesza hideaway – deserved its very own catwalk



Stress Free Style

Today’s Stiletto H&M Style


Today I am wearing one of my comfiest high heels – these little black numbers are from H&M and have the ability to dress up even a simple Tee and black trouser look for work.

The sun is out in London Town so the a little peep toe is nice to show a little bit of flesh in the month of April. They are this season so head online or to your local H&M to try on a pair. They look  higher than they are which adds height and also length to your legs.

I find heels can always dress up a casual outfit to make it business casual.

New week with new goals – I have two holidays coming up so hoping to save some money but also work towards that bikini body!

Have a wonderful start to the week.

Stress Free Style

Today’s Outfit – Miss Selfridge

210314 angelina


Hello you,

I had one of those moments today – you know the one when you look at Angelina Jolie and think – dammit – she is beautiful. So I thought to myself – well lets have a bit of influence from her style because she does nail it.

This cute little number is from Miss Selfridge 

My boyfriend loves this outfit – its the right blend of sophistication and femininity easily thrown on whenever you are relaxing around the house. Add a chunky statement piece and some cute sling backs and you are ready for a BBQ or drinks party.

Definitely recommend finding a daytime Long Black Dress

few places to find them: ASOS, Miss Selfridge, Topshop and New Look

Enjoy xxx


Stress Free Style

Today’s Outfit – My new satchel



This little baby is my new favourite

I bought it at H&M –

It is perfect. It is chic, black, simple and perfect for on the move.

Everyday I power walk to work and this baby has saved my posture from side bags

Its so stylish you can pull it off as casual and office wear

A Perfect Purchase

Stress Free Style

Berry Lips to warm up the cold days

Winter is creeping in and our summer tans have officially gone back to where they belong. To warm up the skin tone – a berry lipstick is the perfect trip.


There are some beautiful tones out there… the newest one to my collection has been MAC rebel…


MAC isn’t usually my make-up store choice but strolling through Brixton I thought I would stop in and see what they had…and I am very happy I did too!


Rebel brings the depth of colour and the pinkness of my skintone together to produce a warm berry tone for the Autumn/ Winter Days…xxx

Balance/ Recipes/ Stress Free Style

Todays London – Chotto Matte – Soho

Japan meets Peru : Chotto Matte hits Frith Street!


Edamame dusted with sea salt

This Japanese Peruvian fusion is welcomed addition to the wonderland of restaurants available to us Londoners. Opened in September it’s black simple exterior invites you in to a subtlety lit bar – perfect for a date or relaxing drinks with friends.

Mother and Brother

My mom visiting London from the Countryside to visit – and I thought this would be the perfect choice of modern, fresh and innovative cuisine to tantalise her taste buds on her first night in The Big Smoke.

We were guided to our table and within minutes were sat swirly a beautiful glass of local Soho Sauvignon Blanc. The cocktail list was inviting – with a selection of cocktails with “character”. The cocktail list was slit into sections “anti-depressants – cocktails with personality” and also “Alternative Therapies –just as fun but without the alcohol”… As my brother is on Stoptober – he settled in with a Shiso Fizz! A few little appetisers and we were ready to begin…


The menu was vast and we all concurred that if we all picked two dishes each – we could tell the tale via our taste buds in an abundance of sharers… The story began…

¥ barriguita de chanchito


¥ ojo de costilla


¥ pollo peruano


¥ camerón tigre nipón


¥ cangrejos de concha bianda


¥ gambas japonesas
¥ bacalao negro aji miso

Each piece was delicately slice, every detail taken into account and the freshest of ingredients.

As I toured the restaurant watching the sushi chefs carve slices of delicate fish, flames bursting from the woks exploding flavours into the air to dance with your senses. You could see the variety, colour and freshness of the ingredients used and the meticulous care taken for each dish that was provided tour party.


I will recommend visiting the bathroom…but that discovery I will leave to you.

The food: delicate, full of flavour and perfectly fused
The wine: well selected and extensive choice
The service: tentative – at times a bit hard to get a drink
The bill: reflected the quality and standard of food while leaving us with a smile


Chotto Matte
11-13 Frith Street

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Stress Free Style

Today’s Outfit


Today I am going Pretty in Pink

I am always in black – constantly – and I love it! but when I stumbled across this little number in Topshop – I had to have it. Growing up as a girl who would never go near pink – let alone wear it… as I have got older and shrugged off the grunge girl – it is strange how much it suits me.

Pretty in Pink

If you like me literally need to be forced to venture into colour – try dressing up a simple black outfit with a pastel coloured coat.

Pastels are in for Spring 2014 – and as far as I am concerned – Spring is here

Kiss kiss xx

Stress Free Style

Today’s Stiletto – My New Choo’s

Let me introduce my new Lowry Jimmy Choo Boots.Lowry 1

These beautiful black suede ankle boots are the perfect addition to my ever growing brood of choos. They are soft and stylish and work perfectly for work-wear leading to afternoon dinner and drinks

.Lowry 3

Its my beautiful friend Annie’s birthday tonight – so going to hit Soho in these babies after work.

Lowry 2

If you pair these shoes with a tight skirt or skinny trousers – they make the outfit come alive. The points extend the leg making you look slimmer and altogether ROCKING!


To buy online go to:


Stress Free Style

Today’s Style – Spring/ Summer 2014 – White Leather

For spring/ summer 2014 – White leather is in!

1460136_10151830736758285_1944448818_n Free-shipping-fashion-Leisure-suits-women-s-clothing-sets-2013-New-Fashion-top-and-short-skirt 

Zara, ASOS, Misguided, River Island and Vogue have given it the thumbs up

Team a white leather skirt with a black polo neck in spring or a sexy crop in Summer

leather skirtswhite leather

For ideas see below links:


Stress Free Style

Today’s Style – Made in Britain – Kate Moss Vogue

Vogue December edition arrived on my doorstep last night! Chuffed


Indulging in the pages and absorbing its content for all my ideas for Christmas style, fashion, food and fun!

This December Vogue choose Kate Moss as their cover girl – and what a British Icon she is.


Many people have their opinions on Kate Moss: from her drug use, views on eating, colourful boyfriends and her lifestyle in general but one thing you cannot deny her – she is an Icon! Voted as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world – she should celebrate her influence rather than her vices.

6 8 5

For her 40th birthday she is going to bare all for Playboy – impressive. To have the confidence and love of her body to do this – then fair play maybe we should all take a leaf out of her book to celebrate our bodies. As a British woman to be selected to celebrate the first magazine of its kind 60th birthday – well done. I am a supporter of nakedness – we were born naked and we should not be ashamed of our bodies. This is not to say bare all every day of your life – but when you can celebrate tastefully and liberate yourself – then embrace the skin you live in!

41 2

She has been the face of fashion for the world since her she was spotted at 16 – every year since she has featured in style features and remains this idol for fashionista’s around the world.

Made in Britain: Kate Moss


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