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Today’s Outfit – Little holiday lace


Packing for holidays requires a little thought – you need to take into consideration weather, culture, religion, day, evening, bugs, sun protection oh and of course…BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE! All off the above lead to the inevitable sitting on top of your suitcase to try and squeeze it shut – hoping it wont burst! Then realizing you’ve packed half a years worth of clothes in for a week and may be acting a little over zealous! It is key to have a holiday wardrobe – something you can mix up each year with some statement jewelry, hair piece or a splash of colour.


This little lace number – has successfully made it into the team – and I will tell you why. Even though it is lace is it modest – covering your arms and legs which protects from the sun at lunch and the cool in the poolside afternoon. It has a little je ne sais quoi that my boyfriend finds intriguing – perhaps its the lace…


The black is flattering and it loosely covers your curves – hiding the bits we all have when we sit down for lunch. If you holiday like me and you are in and out of the ocean and find it a chore to change into clothes in the middle of the days heat – this one is perfect

I found it in – it is so simple and chic and after a glass of wine and a bit of Kiesza hideaway – deserved its very own catwalk



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