Juice Cleanse – Day 1






Juice Cleanses! We have all heard of them! They seem to the new nutrition trend of 2014 and have been acclaimed to be the best thing to do for you gut!

In a world full of toxins, acidity, pollution, stress, sugary and processed food – these juice cleanses are designed to help cleanse your digestive system to free up some energy!

As we are peak in summer I thought I would give one of these cleanses a go. I have started going to to hot yoga every day in Clapham at Yoga haven and Glo – Juice Bar is conveniently situated en premise!

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I started doing hot yoga more frequently as I am finding from all my weight training that I am gaining muscle at a rate that I am not happy with and looking to find a way to lengthen and lean out my body. (I have taken before and after pictures and I will share these at the end). I felt the juice cleanse would aide with the new change I am looking for – ridding out all the crap and maybe lose a few pounds on the way


So – back to the agenda.

After my hot yoga I collect my juice package which has been freshly prepared for me. At the collection point there is a cup of hot water and lemon ready for my morning commute and shot of apple and ginger to kick-start my day.

I make my way to work and pick up the essentials (see below) cannot wait to read about Mrs Victoria Beckham in this months Vogue – after spending hours watching the tennis and of course the Beckhams – I still can’t work out who I am more in love with out of that beautiful power couple….


I open my package at my desk – inside there are tea sachets, my juices and smoothies for the day and an envelope listing my two day menu and some frequently asked questions.

So as I sit down to start my first Green Smoothie – I am going to fill my head full of the positivity and confidence in myself to stick and complete my cleanse and enjoy every moment.

Will blog later about my days menu, my thoughts and feelings, the ups and downs and any other info that may be helpful to the next juicer in line

Have a wonderful day xxx


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