Todays Clean Eat Raw Vegan Chocolates

This week I decided to put myself on a detox after reading Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox. Her philosophy is about aiding digestion to remove the energy and effort in order to use that energy for other areas of the body. She believes by relieving the stress of digestion the better and more beautiful the body will be.

Raw vegan chocolates 1

I have had a bad tummy for a few weeks and dry skin so thought I would have a go at sorting myself out from the inside out 🙂 I have been having green smoothies, raw meals, veggies first and eliminating dairy ALTOGETHER! I am reducing the amount of animal protein I have on this diet as she says this uses a lot of digestive energy. I haven’t eliminated it altogether – as I am not quite prepared to step away from my love of some dishes…but for this week – once a day is my limit.

raw vegan chocolates 2

At Christmas my hippy dippy cousin gave me a raw chocolate making kit…I thought ohh that will be fun and completely forgot about it… when I stumbled on them today I thought what an opportunity to try raw and whole ingredients to make these chocolates. The only cheat (in kymberlys eyes) is that I used Agave Nectar – but I wanted to keep them vegan – so I will have to deal with the slap on the hand.


  • 80g Raw Cacoa
  • 100g Raw Cacoa Butter
  • 30g Lacuma Powder
  • 40ml Agave Nectar


  • Dried fruit
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Chili flakes


Melt the cacao butter in a bowl over

hot water. Leave to cool off slightly. Mix the sifted powders into the melted butters. Sweeten to taste with nectar. Blend all ingredients together with wooden spoon. Place in ice cube tray or baking tray and add ingredients to flavour. Place in fridge to cool.

Raw vegan chocolates

Delicious vegan, dairy free, cane sugar free, gluten free and delicious little treats x


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